Review: Oblivion Song #3



Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici continue to build a world worth immersing yourself in. Oblivion Song #3 by Image and Skybound continues the tale of this harsh and dangerous world. The characters he has created are complex and flawed which brings a believability few comic books can provide.


Previously On Oblivion

At the end of the inaugural issue, Kirkman teases the possibility of our protagonist’s reason for existing being valid. Nathan Cole has done everything he can to look for his brother who disappeared to Oblivion. In issue #2 we get a brief explanation as to what happened when the 30 square blocks of Philadelphia changed places with the harsh dimension.

The two survivors Cole returned with are taken to a museum/memorial where they, and us the audience, learn a quick history lesson. After a failed attempt to recruit backup, Cole returns to Oblivion to continue his search after learning that a large group lives outside the city with a man named Ed in command. Letting his guard down Cole is attacked and narrowly escapes only to be confronted with a new danger.


An Idealist And Illustrations

Cole is greeted by the business end of a shotgun. On the other side is an individual surprised to see another human. Cole and this stranger are attacked by native fauna trying to eat them. They begin to flee until the stranger neutralizes the threat. Angered at this Cole begins to explain the merits of not disturbing the natural order. Trying to make things right Cole pulls his gun on the stranger and misses with the interdimensional transportation dart.

Upon his return, he is confronted by his colleagues and admonished for his hubris with bringing people back against their will. Needing confirmation Cole calls upon a previous survivor of Oblivion. After a brief conversation, Cole appears to be comforted with his decisions, if only momentarily. Elsewhere we see the stranger traveling outside the cityscape into the true Oblivion. He is attacked by a creature and survives only to be confronted by his saviors.


Enticement And Allure

Issue #2 did an excellent job with character development and story building. Kirkman shows the planning he hinted at when promoting his book. It is clear that each character has their own narrative being told and Kirkman does an excellent job weaving them all into one whole plot. Issue #3 has less character development, focusing more on moving the story along. However, I did love Kirkman’s accurate portrayal of PTSD in the scene with the barking dogs.

The one thing that has maintained consistently in all three issues is De Felici’s vibrant and stunning art style. From the alien terrain and creatures in Oblivion to the contrast between the bedraggled survivors of Oblivion and the people who remained behind safe. I would also like to give some love to the colorist Annalisa Leoni and the letterer Rus Wooton, key members of the creative staff who hardly ever get any mention. Don’t forget to pick up Oblivion Song #4 which comes out June 13, 2018. Jahleel Addae Womens Jersey

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