REVIEW: Justice League #2: No Justice Takes A Step In The Right Direction


What am I talking about this time: Justice League: No Justice #2

Written by: Joshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder

Art by: Francis Manapul, Marcus To

Cover by: Francis Manapul

Overall Review:

3.5 out of 5 Wallers

Is it worth $3.99? No, but it’s close.


Spoiler Free Review:

The costume design is still junk, the threat is still trite, the story is barely hanging on… but since the last issue, the pacing has evened out, the characters are acting like themselves, the reveal at the end was satisfying, and it seem like the comics is getting better in general. On the whole, I liked this issue, not a lot, but enough.


Spoilery Review:

Amanda Waller is heading to the Fortress of Solitude alone when she is stopped by Green Arrow. Back on Colu, our amassed heroes in the crappy alterations are arguing and confused over how to handle the weird gods tearing the planet apart. At first Batman wants to have the JLA handle it, but Lex Luthor reminds him that Braniac was hyper intelligent and maybe he knew how to handle this threat better, so they remain in their weird little teams and go attach 4 trees that symbolize the 4 different teams strengths.


Also, Cyborg armor is now red and he looks like Cyborg-Superman… just saying…


Meanwhile back on Earth, Waller and Green Arrow talk. Apparently, Brainic stuck all of Earth’s other major heroes in purple stasis tubes or something.


A Couple things here, If you think this all sounds dumb, you are right. More so, it feels like it’s been done before… and you’re right too. But this is also the point where things get better, so stay tuned.


Also, this is gonna get old, but I guess every time we do this we should recap the teams:

Team Entropy- Batman, Beast Boy, Lobo , Lex Luthor, and Deathstroke.
Team Mystery- Superman, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, Starro, and Sinestro.
Team Wonder- Wonder Woman, Raven, Dr. Fate, Zatanna, and Etrigan.
Team Wisdom: Cyborg, Flash, Atom, Damian Wayne, and Harley.


The teams are having little luck in their respective missions, until they start to get creative and it starts to work, both as progress for the team and to make the book a better read.


On the Tree of Mystery, the Mystery team has discovered a hidden catch of planets in bottles that Colu has been hiding… they decide to free them all. Team Wonder is under attack by magical vampires or ghosts or something. Team Entropy is attacking a prison and attempts to break out Colu’s greatest enemy… Vril Dox, calling himself Brainiac 2.0!!!

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