WWE’s Titus O’Neil Teases a Marvel Role


Rowdy Roddy Piper. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. John Cena. Dave Bautista. Titus O’Neil?

For decades, stars from the WWF/WWE have pursued dreams of jumping from the squared circle to the silver screen and, in recent years, have found a great deal of success. Johnson is one of Hollywood’s hardest working and most marketable stars and Bautista’s Drax has been a revelation and stolen scenes in every appearance. Now it seems that another star is preparing to make the move into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Titus O’Neil is teasing his preparation for an upcoming role.

If O’Neil is training to join a Marvel Studios production, this is the first anyone we’ve heard about it, though he did once campaign for the role of Black Panther. Captain Marvel is currently filming and would still be filming following the 6-week timeline O’Neil outlines in his tweet. The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is also preparing to kick off production in just a few weeks, so it’s possible the O’Neil could be prepping for a role in that film as well. However, the tease indicates he’ll be seeing Bautista soon, so perhaps it’s also possible he’s prepping for a role in Avengers 4, which we know will be doing some additional work this summer. Of course this role could be for a Marvel TV show or a non-MCU property or even nothing at all, but O’Neil is certainly very excited about it. Whatever the case, we’ll keep working to figure out who O’Neil might be playing and keep you updated as the story develops! Ethan Pocic Jersey

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