Jetman And Gaoranger Coming to DVD!!!


Jetman & Gaoranger Coming to DVD!!!

Calling all Super Sentai fans! Strike those poses and in the words of Captain Marvelous “Make it Flashy!” because Jetman & Gaoranger is coming to DVD from Shout Factory this year! For those of you who might be scratching your head, Super Sentai originated back in the 1970’s and is what spawned the birth of our beloved Power Rangers!

Ch?jin Sentai Jetman aired from 1991 to 1992 with a total of 52 episodes. It follows the story of the Earth Defense Sky Force who have been tasked to protect the Earth with the powers of the “Birdonic Waves” used to defeat the evil Vyram forces! Jetman will be released on September 25th, 2018!

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (or as we know it Power Rangers Wild Force) aired back in 2001 which

was the 25th anniversary of Super Sentai. In this iteration, there was a war over a thousand years ago. This war was between the humans and the orgs. Now with the help of the Power Animals the Gao warriors must now protect the earth! Gaoranger will be released in December 2018!

Are you excited for these two Sentai seasons coming to DVD? Are there any others that you would like to see? Let us know! Brent Qvale Jersey

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