Tommy Sticking It To The Man In Rugrats Vol. 1


Long has the oppression adults hold over babies gone on, but Tommy has had enough and has a plan in Rugrats Vol. 1.

Tommy wants to wrestle his arch-foe, Pepper Penguin, for their latest showdown.  Penguin is in a bad spot with Tommy about to hit his huge splash finisher. However, right before he can deliver his devastating maneuver his dad walks in.  He takes Penguin out of Tommy’s crib.

A mystery develops from this action.  Tommy wonders how his dad knew what he was doing in his crib.  However, a smart baby like Tommy is able to quickly figure out he is being watched.  A new pig toy was placed in his room and Tommy knows his father is watching him through the pig’s eyes.

Tommy comes up with the simple plan to draw a hyper-realistic painting of his room and place it in front of the camera. However, Tommy’s plan is somehow seen right through even though his picture is perfect.

This leads Tommy to ask his best friend, Chuckie, if his dad has been acting strange too.  Chuckie’s dad has enlisted the help of a drone which Chuckie thinks is a bird to watch over him whenever he is outside.  It turns out the whole gang of babies and even Angelica are being watched. Tommy devises a plan to end the watchful eye above their heads.

I was not expecting to like this comic very much.  I am a fan of Rugrats from childhood and it comes on when I get up for work so I am familiar with the characters.  This volume seemed like an episode from the show. It was far better than I was expecting.

In the timeline of Rugrats this takes place before Dil and Kimi became characters.  The comic also takes place in the present instead of the ‘90s.

The character’s were done perfectly and spoke and acted just like the show.  It was very easy to place their voice in my head over the text.

There was a lot of humor in the comic and it was actually very funny.  The scene with Tommy drawing the picture to place in front of the camera was really funny.  It looked like a picture a baby would draw, but Tommy was really confused how his dad knew it was fake.

I also liked the references to TV and movies the comic made.  A reference to Robocop was my favorite of the bunch.

The only problem I had was the art.  All the art was done well, but it was not done like the show.  I was able to tell who was who it was just the design was off. When reading a comic based on a show I want the characters to look like the show, but they did not.

I loved the volume and I am going to keep my eye open for future Rugrats and Nickelodeon comics.






Written by: Box Brown and Pranas Naujokaitis

Art by: Lisa DuBois and Jorge Monlongo

Cover by: Jorge Corona

Release: 5/16/18

Volume: 1

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

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