EXCLUSIVE: Wilson Bethel To Portray Bullseye in ‘Daredevil’ Season 3


Last August we ran a character breakdown for one of Daredevil’s 3rd season villains. The character, “STEVE” was described as an awkward FBI agent that needed the structure of the bureau to keep the darkness inside him subdued. We usually throw a fun guess out there when we run the character breakdowns and given what we knew, we guessed that a version of Sin-Eater might be coming to the screen. It appears we were way off and that Daredevil fans may finally be getting their wish as Bullseye is primed to take on Ol’ Hornhead in Season 3!

Actor Wilson Bethel, cast in November as an FBI agent, will be bringing the legendary assassin to life. Information about Bethel’s character was withheld by Marvel TV at the time of the release and know we can see why. Comic fans know Bullseye as either “Lester” or “Benjamin Pointdexter”, but there is actually an alternate version of Bullseye that Marvel TV could be drawing on for inspiration here. During his Punisher MAX run, creator Jason Aaron reimagined Bullseye as Sheldon Pendergrass, a highly-skilled marksman and deadly hand-to-hand combatant, so perhaps “STEVE” will be Sheldon in Season 3. As with all Marvel TV shows, we know we won’t be getting a direct adaptation of this or any character, but here’s to hoping we’ll see the best bits of Bullseye’s brand of crazy when the series airs later this year!

Bethel joins actor Jay Ali, as playing fellow FBI agent named Ray Nadeem, and Joanne Whaley as Matt’s mother, Sister Maggieas major additions to the Season 3 cast. Stars Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll and Vincent D’Onofrio are all set to reprise their roles for the upcoming season, which is said to be an adaptation of Frank Miller’s famous Born Again arc. The season is expected to hit Netflix this fall.


Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show as this story develops.



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