Zordon Calls For Help : Shattered Grid Free Comic Book Day Review

Shattered Grid Free Comic Book Day Review


Just about a week ago comic book fans were blessed with Free Comic Book Day. For the fans of Power Rangers who have been reading Kyle Higgins Shattered Grid series from Boom! Comics because there was a new issue of Shattered Grid that was not a one-off issue but tied into the plot of the story.


We took a break from the action of Lord Drakkon to get some backstory on the Rangers and Drakkon. For the first time Zordon afraid of the impending doom and he decides to take a meeting with “The Emissaries”. Now we have never heard of this group before unbeknownst to my knowledge in the Power Rangers universe. When Zordon makes this decision Alpha 5 immediately tells him to reconsider because of consequences.


Zordon teleports his consciousness out of his chamber and we see Zordon in his full body form. The artistry in this was so beautiful! Diego Galindo (artist) did an epic job in showing us Zordon in this way. His body was reminiscent of Marvel’s Silver Surfer. Even though that was beautiful, being introduced this group known as “The Emissaries” was even more outstanding!!! This group is another form of “The Watchers” and they look over everything that is going on in all of the universes. They are also liaisons to “The Morphing Masters” the beings responsible for everything that the Power Rangers are and ever will be!


What made this so epic was the conversation they were having with Zordon asking them to intervene. He knew Lord Drakkon was out of control and they were all in danger. This was rare that we see Zordon worried about something to the point where he goes and asks for assistance. We are use to Zordon being the voice of reason. The Emissaries tell Zordon that they will not intervene in this plight. Remember those consequences Alpha 5 was referring to? With Zordon taking this opportunity to talk to The Emissaries he has now lost the chance to join the Morphing Grid. So that means when Zordon does die he will just no longer exist!

Now let’s talk about The Emissaries for a second! The idea of this group in the first place being the watchers over the universe is extraordinary. Here you have three Ranger like figures. Maybe, they have an actual look or appearance but how we see them is in the form of MMPR Red, Blue and Yellow. Over the next few pages we see them shift into different variations of their colors. At one point they were one half one season and another half the other season. This was something that has never been introduced before and I absolutely love it!







On the other hand, we see what took place with Lord Drakkon and his rise to power. He stabbed Rita Repulsa with the Dragon Dagger in his universe and assumed the throne! Drakkon told her that it would be fitting that she dies from the powers that she gave him.


I wonder will we get the opportunity to visit some of these variations we have seen in the comics with the recent acquisition of Power Rangers by Hasbro? Hopefully, Hasbro will see how amazingly well the comics have been doing and take some action to bring it to life!





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