Deadpool 2 Character Breakdown: Sony Film Vs Marvel Comic


The sequel to Deadpool brings in the X-force, one of the most popular X-Men spin-offs ever. Breaking down the character list shows just how crazy some of mutant-kind’s most outrageous characters are- perfect for a movie of Deadpool’s caliber. So, let’s take a look at Deadpool (2) and his team of mutant misfits.

Possible Spoilers, you guys…. You guys, possible spoilers!

X-Force Vs. X-Force (Comics)

In the trailer, Deadpool declares “We’ll be known as X-Force”, implying that he brought the team together and named it.  This is a far departure from the comics as his rival in the film, Cable, is the one who brings the team together in New Mutants 100 and X-Force #1. The comics team’s original line up was Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Warpath, Shatterstar, Feral, and Domino. From what we can tell from trailer footage, the film’s team is  Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), Cable (Josh Brolin, Domino (Zazie), Bedlam (Terry Crews), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård), Peter Wisdom (Rob Delaney). Although they don’t appear in the trailer together with the rest of the X-Force, I’ll also include until confirmed; Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). And the rest (possible villains/allies) Rusty Collins (Julian Dennison), Surge / original character (played by actress Shiori Kutsuna) and Juggernaut.


Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) Vs Deadpool (Comics)

Aside from slight tweaks to the costume, these Deadpools are very similar in look, powers, and origin. They both break the 4th wall, are funny and dirty as hell, and even the Vanessa storyline is basically from the comics. The only significant difference, is that when Wade Wilson first appeared in New Mutants #98, he wasn’t funny. I’m not saying Rob Liefeld created him to be serious, I’m just saying he wasn’t funny. It wasn’t until later when Marvel writers truly turned him into the comedic Merc with a mouth.

Cable (Josh Brolin) Vs Cable (Comics)

We don’t know much about Josh Brolin’s character in the film but the got the look dead(pool) on. Visually, they are strikingly similar and if rumors are true have the similar origins coming from the future to kill someone to prevent the past. In the comics, that person was the Apocalypse, in the movie, it seems to a chubby kid… we’ll get to him later. The biggest difference we have here is that Cable’s origin story came way before he met Deadpool, and when they first met, in the comics, Deadpool was hired to kill Cable. This could still be true, but it seems from the trailers that Deadpool interrupts Cable’s killing spree of the kid. Imdb credits him as “Nathan Summers / Cable” which seems to confirm his comic book (and film crossover parentage) with the X-Men’s Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and (possibly) Madelyne Pryor. Cable is a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities that he uses to create protective force shields. Also, he loooves guns and pouches.

Domino (Zazie) Vs. Domino (Comics)

Domino seems spot (dead) on in powers between comics and film. Domino first appeared in the same comic as Deadpool… sorta. See, it wasn’t technically her cause it was a shape-shifting villain named Copycat impersonating her. Ironically, the character of Vanessa in the movie is based on Copycat, as she was Deadpool’s long time love and ex, named Vanessa Carlyle. Domino made her first true appearance a year later. In the comic’s Domino has worked with both Deadpool and Cable… and tried to kill them… and she slept with Cable for bit. Their costumes are quite different, but personally i felt like they should have just had Keira Knightley reprise her role from her first Marvel movie.


Bedlam (Terry Crews) Vs.Bedlam (Comics)

We don’t have much to go on here other than looks. In the comics, Bedlam, AKA Jesse Aaronson, is a mutant who can project an bio-EM field that disables technology. Later he got the power to make people see stuff.

Shatterstar (Lewis Tan) Vs. Shatterstar (Comics)

Other than bringing the most ridiculous costume in the history of comics to life, not much is known about the film version of this character. It seems that in the movie, his left eye is normal with some funky make-up on it, but in the comics it’s made of… something else. His powers are a healing factor, strength, and swords that create shock-waves and portals. He had the first gay/bi-sexual kiss in Marvel comics history and it was a lovely comic. But that’s by no means his defining character feature- Him being his own clone-ish grandfather is. Oh yeah, Shatterstar is from the future Mojoworld where he… time travel, clone, dies, comes back, alternate version, yadda yadda.


Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård) Vs. Zeitgeist (comics)

Zeitgeist is the first person on this list not created by Leifield on this list. Zeitgeist can throw up acid. That’s pretty much it. In the comics he discovers his powers by drunkenly puking on a girl he was making out and burning her face off. I really hope they show this. In the movie Zeitgeist, has the power to shapeshift and haunt young kid’s dreams, he needs to eat children and sluber for years at a time… also he’s a clown.  Also, I want to watch It again. Also, they put the puke-guard from the comics in the movie… so that’s dope.



Peter W.(Rob Delaney) Vs. Peret Wisdom? (Comics)

This one is unconfirmed but really really really likely. “Peter W” from the trailer has a twitter feed that really matches a lot of Peter Wisdom items, and yet is completely different at the same time. Barring a sudden twist, Peter W in the trailers seems to be a normal American mustache wearing guy, but in the comics, he DOESN’T have a mustache!!!  As you can see, the film version also has a few extra pounds a slightly different attitude. In the comics, he’s from Essex, used to be a police inspector and other English government agencies, and has like electricity powers and plasma knives or something.



Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) VS. Colossus (Comics)

Pretty damn accurate to the comics if you ask me. Metal Russian dude with a heart of gold.


Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) Vs. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

The biggest difference between NTW in the comics and Film is that in the comics… she dead. Like dead dead. Well, dead for comic books cause she comes back and dies again (repeat) and stuff, but mostly, yeah… she dead. Also, her powers are COMPLETELY different. In the comics she is a precog with a host of mental powers… Telepathy, Precognition, Reality warping, yadda yadda. She’s still gothy and moody in both worlds, though so that’s a thing. In the sequel she sports a new haircut and new, more classic costume.


The kid (Julian Dennison) Vs.  /Firefist (comics)

We are entering Super-Rumor territory now, but supposedly, the kid’s name is Rusty Collins, AKA the mutant Fire Fist. Rusty worked along side X-force for a bit, than turned bad, than came back… his powers are all fire based. Again, this is all rumor as you can see they look nothing alike. Buuut in one quick shot, chubby kid has red, burning hands that one MIGHT call fists of fire, ooooh. But the big question is… why does Cable want the kid? Maybe he becomes an acolyte of Apocalypse and kills everyone, I don’t know. Do I have to do everything here.



??Original Character??? (Shiori Kutsuna) Vs. Surge

People have claimed that Kutsuna is playing either Surge or an original Mutant similar to Surge.  They both seem to have electricity based powers, but the costumes differ drastically. Surge never appeared with X-Force, so this is a long shot, but, like with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, they might be taking her in a different direction…. Or just a new electricity mutant for someone to battle with. the additional big rumor is that she is the girlfriend of NTW.



Black Tom Cassidy (Jack Kesy) Vs. Black Tom Cassidy (Comics)

This was a huge rumor that disappeared a while back, but why the hell not explore it. BTC, as his friends call him, is an Irish adversary of Deadpool, whose powers are plant based, like a male version of Poison Ivy- but without the popularity, leafy outfits, and boobs.  But, the real reason I put him in here is that he often teams with another hugely rumored villain…


Juggernaut Vs Rumors of Juggernaut


This rumor has been hanging around forever, but the evidence has been slowly building in his favor…  The real big-bad of Deadpool 2 is juggernaut. Supposedly. But it is. Maybe. But, yeah… it’s happening. Possibly.  Juggy is one the X-men’s oldest and most famous villains. His powers are he’s super strong and once he gets going, he is literally unstoppable, except at the end of the issue, when he is stopped. He is also the stepbrother of Professor X. As we have nothing to go on for this other than a soundtrack listing and running idea, who knows how he will appear in the movie.  IF he appears at all. He does. Maybe. Except that he does. I think… Ryan Allen Authentic Jersey

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