The Spatials: Galactology – A first look review


I love building and resource management games. From Civ to Tropico, to Sim City. So when I was told about The Spatials, and sort of what it’s about, I had to give it a try.  This is only a first look at the game, as there’s so much to be uncovered, and so much customization to wield.

Civilization, Meets The Sims, Meets Colonization

I jumped right on into this.  “I don’t need your lame tutorial!”  Said I.  Well I was wrong to do so.  The deep level of customization is more than just for funzies, it could be life or death for your colonists.  Everything requires a job and a permission.  Everyone must be fed, watered, and well rested, or people die.

Super cool in terms on changing the game.  Bad for tutorial skippers like myself.

Everything seems simple, but only on the surface,  everything requires a process to deal with.

And that’s just your first world!

Galactic dominance never looked so…Corporate!

You will find yourself trading with other weird squishy type aliens as well.  So far I’ve unlocked about 3 types of aliens, but there are a bunch more to deal with outside of where I have expanded.

Trade with one, get another alien might be pissed off at you…As if I wasn’t already struggling to keep my people alive as it is.  There is combat in this game as far as I can tell, but I haven’t reached anywhere past the tutorial points. (don’t judge me it’s a surprisingly large sprawl of a game.)

the maps are pixel art.  Nothing too special, but still a bit nifty from world to world.

Looking pretty good here in terms of trading

The greater galaxy you will end up exploring

Your little place in the galaxy at start

I really enjoy some of the overlays for the information given.  Very sleek and colorful at times.

The tech trees give you something to look forward to building.  Robots take over jobs, new materials can be made.  The progression in the game can be a lot of fun, but taxing.

Some of the not so great stuff

Everything is time consuming.  You will find yourself often bored building up the base a bit.  everything takes its sweet time it feels like.  Maybe just me… luckily they have a speed up option for everything, but your going to be spinning so many plates on other colonies that you will soon find that button a luxury

The UI is frustrating.  Without the tutorial, you will find yourself a bit lost.  But the customization is solid so that’s a plus.


There are bugs (as if this writing) in dealing with multiple menus at a time, which is annoying but not game breaking.

Everyone “dies” quick.  Make food/water/beds and fast.  The game is pretty punishing if basic needs aren’t met. (I can see some of the dark soul junkies salivating in the back)

finding out trades and raw materials that build into other things can also be confusing at first (Tutorial…don’t skip it.  Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it)

Permissions for jobs and buildings.   From what I gathered, its all about experience points.  Is extremely annoying as your characters are never stationed at those places…WHAT ARE YOU LAZY COLONISTS DOING!?


Stuff I still need to explore

Job trees

fighting with aliens

Exploring worlds outside my solar system.


First look wrap up:  Pretty Awesome game, but…

So far I dig the game, but get frustrated in its processes at times.  The game is only $9.99 however, which is a lot of content to pack into a low price.  Once you get a better handle on the game It’s gonna be pretty fun for you sim builder junkies out there.

Raw score: 6.5/10

Price Score: 9/10

Potential score: 7.5/10 (after tutorials)



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