Azim Rizk Takes The Ranger Challenge

Azim Rizk played Jake Holling on Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce. He was on Power Rangers’ Anniversary 20th Season which would lead into the highly anticipated Legendary War. During the Super Megaforce season the rangers were able to morph into any Power Rangers from the seasons before them. The series was adapted from one of the best Super Sentai Seasons Gokaiger.

Seeing that Azim’s Character was able to morph into multiple rangers, it could have been safe to say that Azim would know which ranger went to the respective helmet. What do we mean by this? Well That Hashtag Show has a very fun game that they like to do for their Morphin’ Monday Segments called “The Ranger Challenge”. Now the Ranger challenge is a game where the ranger tries to match multiple actors to their respective ranger helmet.

During the Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug in Culver City Azim was put to the test!

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