GOTHAM Renewed For Fifth and Final Season


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Awww man!

Looks like it’ll be curtains for Jim Gordon and Company come either winter of 2018 or spring of 2019. After a bloodbath of cancellations at the Fox network, Gotham was renewed for its 5th season earlier today. However, it will be getting a 9 episode cut, going from 22 to 13 episodes, and Fox has confirmed that this is the final season;

“The fifth and final season will wrap up this unique origin story of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, which revealed an entirely new chapter that has never been told,” Fox says.

The 13 episode order indicates that the show was going to be cancelled, because 13 episodes is just what the show needed in order to be eligible for syndication. Gotham suffered from its move from Monday to Thursday nights averaging a 0.8 demo rating and 2.62 million total viewers in season 4. While the renewal is appreciated, fans found the news to be bittersweet.

Many Batman purists were turned off by this new iteration of the Dark Knight’s story. The show initially (and still tends to) center on a young Jim Gordon and his path to fighting crime in Gotham. Many villains from Batman’s Image result for gotham foxrogue’s gallery were given new origins, and are full on adults while Bruce Wayne is just hitting puberty.  However if you like film noir, and are open minded this show grows on you. Just make it through season one, and you’ll be fine.

With DC’s new streaming service, and the power of fandom, all may not be lost for Gotham. If the showrunners want to continue past season 5 there would be plenty of time for them to shop the show to DC, or Hulu. Time will tell, but at least we’ll get a proper series end. Jared Veldheer Authentic Jersey

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