Fox Cancels LUCIFER and THE EXORCIST ‘Links’


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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there including my fellow furbaby moms!

The 13 Fiercest Moms In Horror. Rotten Tomatoes

James Marsden aka Cyclops In Talks to Star In A Netflix Stephen King Adaptation. Nerdist

Jordan Peele Debuts New Horror Film Title And Poster. That Hashtag Show

Drew Barrymore Is Sticking To Her Zombie Diet. That Hashtag Show

The Last of Us 2 & Death Stranding Are Coming To E3 Next Month. Bloody Disgusting

Fox Cancels The Exorcist & LuciferJust Jared

Watch The Trailer For Shane Black’s The Predator. That Hashtag Show

Youtube Is Annoyingly Targeting The Horror Community. Dead Meat

The Final Sharknado Movie Has An Official Premiere Date. Movieweb

Image result for sharknado 6 Adam Shaheen Jersey

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