Kevin Feige Has Plans for Kamala Khan After ‘Captain Marvel’


It appears as though we might have another indicator of what Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios might be up to after Avengers 4. In an interview conducted prior to the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, Feige was asked by a reporter if they would be working on film featuring Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel. Feige was surprisingly forthcoming with his answer and indicated that once they’ve introduced Carol Danvers, they do indeed plan to move forward with the story of Kamala Khan!

One of Marvel’s most beloved new characters over the past few years has been Kamala Khan. Khan, a Pakistani-A merican Muslim living in New Jersey, was a superhero fan girl living a pretty ordinary teenage life until all that changed very suddenly. Following the detonation of the Terrigen bomb by Black Bolt, the Inhuman remnants of her DNA caused her to undergo Terrigenesis. When she emerged from her cocoon, she realized she had developed some crazy polymorphic (embiggening) powers. A huge fan of Carol Danvers, Khan soon became the costumed hero Ms. Marvel.

This is a major development for many reasons. Recently Feige and Marvel Studios have made it their mission to make films more representative of the world in which we live. Black Panther was a major success for the studio, Captain Marvel is currently under production and promises to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever and a Black Widow film is currently in development. The move by the studio to develop a project about a Pakistani-American Muslim teenage girl is apparently the next step in a direction to start filling the big screen with heroes that can be relatable to ALL people.

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