Fancast Friday: Casting The Fantastic Four


That Hashtag Show new show, Fancast Friday pits two cast members against each other, battling it out to see who can fancast your favorite geek properties better. You, the viewer get to vote on who has the better fancast, the loser is eliminated and the winner will move on to the next property. For our first episode, Jezzer and Toni take on The Fantastic Four.

First up we obviously have to start off with Mr. Fantastic himself Reed Richards.  Jezzer made the bold choice of Matthew McConaughey.  Some of the top reasons he chose him is because he played an astronaut in Interstellar, he is charismatic and he does amazing on those Lincoln car commercials.

Toni picked John Krasinski(The office). She said that she chose him that she needed a actor who can progress and evolve from clean shaven to an older man Reed Richards.

For the Invisible Woman Jezzer chose Naomi Watts due to her acting career, her being a strong woman and that she had already worked with Tom Holland on The  Impossible.

Toni’s choice for Sue storm was Dianna Agron who she believes has the right amount moxie.

Jezzer went on to choose Zac Efron as Johnny Storm and his reasoning behind that was “Abs”

Toni choice for Johnny Storm was Colton Haynes (Arrow) because he is young, hot, and cocky.

For Ben Grimm The Thing Jezzer chose Mark Wahlberg mainly because his personality is Ben Grimm.

Toni chose Terry Crews to be The thing because he is just a big man who deep inside is a softy.

Jezzer chose Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) to be Victor Von Doom and the main villain for the series because of how great of a antihero he was on Game of Thrones

For Dr Doom Toni picked Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica) because she thinks that he is good looking and intelligent 

For Kang Jezzer picked Pierce Brosnan(James Bond) Mainly based on his career as an actor and that he could play a great villain.

Toni choose Luke Evans because he has a great voice and has an identity beyond his face.

As for Directors Jezzer chose Matthew Vaughn because of his work with Kickass, Kingsman and X-men First Class

Toni chose Justin Lin because of how well he did with Star Trek Beyond 

Who do you think fancasted this team better Toni or Jezzer?  Be Sure to vote for the winner and we will see you back on the next Fancast Friday to see who the winner goes up against next.

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