RIVERDALE: The Black Hood Revealed!


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Riverdale: Chapter 34 was the 11th Hour episode we’ve all been waiting for! Cheryl has taken up the role of Riverdale’s Arrow, the fate of Fangs has been decided, the Serpents and Ghoulies come head to head, Hiram has leveled up in is master villainy, and the Black Hood’s identity has finally been revealed…kind of.


The night before the episode aired, Showrunner, Roberto Aguirre Sacasa tweeted out an iconic Batman comic book image that inspired a scene in last night’s Riverdale episode.

After last night’s episode, we know this image pertains to Jughead and his father, FP. Jughead’s theme of the night was leadership; learning how to be a leader in all ways, making the tough decisions, and sacrifices that sometimes have to be made. With the threat of the Ghoulie war imminent, Jughead takes it upon himself to try and stop the rumble from happening by sacrificing himself. Is Jughead dead? I doubt it. Riverdale was just renewed for season 3 and this isn’t Game of Thrones. At this point, the core 4 will be safe; severely Injured, but safe.

However, Jugheads martyrdom was in vain. Penny and the Ghoulies will still be taking on the Northside and the Serpents in the upcoming finale. Will this be the moment everyone in the town will finally be united? I vote yes.

Moving on. One of the best scenes of the night was Hal Cooper’s Black Hook confession to Betty and Alice. During the confession, we learn that the Riverdale Reaper is actually Hal’s father, and that Hal helped Mr. Svenson (as a child) point the finger at the wrong man in order to protect him. Hal’s father, the Riverdale Reaper and once thought murdered Blossom Twin, was a Riverdale Serial Killer taking out “sinners” in their hometown and Hal was wanting to follow in his footsteps.

While watching the projector home video, we hear a woman’s voice coaching young Hal on how to put this “protection plan” into place, and how “sinners” deserve to be punished. We’ve never really known who Hal’s mother is, BUT hearing the voice, the emphasis on punishing sinners, I’m going with Sister Woodhouse! Anyone can become a nun and what better way to feel justified in your murderous ways than doing it in the name of God. It’s something humans have done for centuries and continue to do to this day.

However, making Hal Cooper turn out to be the Black Hood is something I love, but also something that drives me crazy. Last season we learned that Clifford Blossom killed his own son. Now, we’re going with another bad daddy thing? Okay, sure, but what does that mean for the future of all the fathers in town? Is Hiram the next big bad? FP? Sheriff Keller? I also can’t get behind the fact that Archie wouldn’t recognize Hal’s eyes, a man he grew up with and saw on almost a daily basis. And I will NOT give any credit to the idea that colored contacts are enough to confuse a person; that’s just nonsense.

Anyways. There is one hiccup in Hal’s confession to being the Black Hood. While this confession was going on, Archie and Fred were taking on another Black Hood in their home. Archie did the mind flash, eye confirmation thing and this Black Hood was indeed the man who originally shot Fred Andrew’s at Pops in the Season 1 Finale. Personally, I think Hal definitely knows more than he’s sharing. Did you see that knowing look while he was put in the cop car? Something else is definitely going on.

Does this mean Hal has an accomplice? Does Hal just wish he did all these things and is taking credit for something he only dreams he had the guts to do? Is Hal the Black Hood who took out everyone EXCEPT Fred making the original Black Hood a hired gun? Hopefully we’ll have these answers and more in next week’s Season 2 Finale!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you convinced Hal Cooper is actually the Black Hood? Comment below and let me know!





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