Poor, Deluded Fan Theory Proposes Krypton’s Adam Strange Is Actually Booster Gold


Many a fan have been whispering around a theory that Adam Strange is going to turn into Booster Gold. This is a good idea full of possibility and intrigue…. but this is also a theory about SYFY’s Krypton which is anything but good and intriguing. I understand where this idea is coming from, but it’s absolutely untrue. Let’s get into this.


The Subjects:

  • Adam Strange in the comics is a squared jawed adventurer, daring, focused, seasoned adventurer. He travels (usually at pre-destined and/or random times) by Zeta beam (usually) between Earth and a planet called Rann. He sports a jet-pack, ray gun, and wears a red and white outfit with a fin on the spandex hood. On Rann his girlfriend (usually) is Alanna. Othat than Krypton, he’s only appeared in a few cartoons here and there.

  • Adam Strange on Krypton seems to (usually) be able to control when he travels and where to. No jetpack or raygun, and his outfit seemed to consist of a dirty jacket and Detroit Tigers’ hat (till it didn’t). It’s hinted he is gay or bi-sexual and he doesn’t seem to be a very good hero as he steals, deceives people, and seems desperate to please Superman back on present-earth.

  • Booster Gold is jock from the future who stole some future time travel tech and a future super suit in order to travel to the past where he attempts to become famous by being a superhero. He sucks at it and most other heroes hate him. Other than a brief appearance on Smallville in 2011, SYFY ordered a pilot script about him about 6 years ago that never went anywhere.



PRO Theory: The character of Adam Strange in the comics is nothing like the character of Adam Strange in the show, in fact, the show defiantly plays him similar to Booster.

  • Krypton Adam Strange and Booster Gold are both comical fuck-ups from the future desperate to be seen as heroes, especially by Superman, and make it into the Justice League.
  • Krypton Adam Strange Travels through time and space like Booster Gold. Comic Book Adam Strange only travels through space.
  • Comic Book Adam Strange has a jet pack. Neither Booster Gold, nor Krypton Adam Strange have a jetpack… yet.
  • Krypton Adam Strange has a small golden device he uses to get around time and space. Booster Gold has a small golden hover-bot that he takes through time and space named, “Skeets”

CON: Despite the similarities, it just ain’t a thing….

  • Adam Strange is the alter ego to… ADAM STRANGE. Booster Gold’s real name is Michael Jon Carter.
  • No one is gonna let them combine characters like that. For a SYFY TV Show!? Come on. There has been a long rumored “Booster Gold & Blue Beetle” movie being battered around the WB lot. But even if there is a snowballs chance in hell for that flick, they won’t want to share with a network.
  • They’ve already said they were bringing in Hawkgirl and a few other Dc characters, if they do that- they can’t bring Booster in as another character.
  • Producer and comic icon, Geoff Johns, is sticking to his Adam Strange guns because he likes that Adam Strange is an everyman without powers, unlike Booster’s future tech spandex Iron-man suit.
  • Actor Shaun Sipos who plays Adam Strange on Krypton seems genuinely surprised by this theory, rambling a little, “Is he really Booster Gold? Is he saying that he doesn’t have a nickname or he’s a D-lister because that’s what Booster Gold feels like and Booster Gold is trying to buy his way into being a superhero and creating all this false press?’ It’s really interesting. To be honest, I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see fans going, ‘Wait is he Booster Gold?'”
  • Shaun Sipos also has dropped a few hints that the jetpack is coming soon.

Sorry to burst the fan bubble guys, but it’s not looking good for a great twist like that. Also, I just don’t think Krypton isn’t that daring to do something like this.  If that happens, I’ll eat my Detroit Tigers’ hat. Quincy Enunwa Authentic Jersey

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