Magic Kingdom’s The Crystal Palace Adds Alcoholic Beverages To Its Menu


For a long while, the Magic Kingdom was the only dry theme park left at Walt Disney World. This was in stark contrast to the other three Orlando parks, particularly Epcot which has built a reputation for itself amongst alcohol aficionados thanks to its International Food & Wine Festival and guests essentially pub-crawling their way through the park by “Drinking Around The World”.

However, when the Be Our Guest Restaurant opened in 2012 it became the first Magic Kingdom location to offer alcoholic beverages. It proved to be a positive litmus test for Walt Disney World’s most family-friendly park since The Crystal Palace, best known for its Winnie The Pooh character meet-and-greets, has become the newest dining option to add beer, wines and hard ciders to its menu.

This past Monday, May 7, 2018, WDW News Today dropped by The Crystal Palace and was able to grab a few photos of the new menu.

This new development means that almost all of the Magic Kingdom’s table service restaurants now serve alcohol. Could this be an indication that the rest of the restaurants and counter service dining options will follow suit? Or perhaps this will be the compromise that Walt Disney World’s flagship park strikes for its adult guests who think “The Most Magical Place On Earth” should include a cocktail or two.

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