Krypton Review Ep 108: Adam Strange/Booster Gold Fan Theory Dies, Power Girl Wild Speculation Rises From The Ashes.


What am I talking about this time: Krypton Ep:108 “Savage Night”

Directed By: Marc Roskin

Written By: David Kob


Overall Review: 3 out of 5 Powergirls

Is it worth your time? Yep. Sure. Why not.



Spoiler Free Review:

This episode suffers the same problem as the last one. It’s not bad, just not good. Krypton tries really hard to play the politics game where people betray other people… but they don’t do it very well. We do get a nice peek into Adam Strange’s origin. And a fun unknown character twist at the end.

Spoilery Review:

In a fun start, we go back to see Adam Strange in the pilot as he disappears in front of Seg and re-appears in a terrible green screen room that’s supposed to Rann. There’s some funny dialogue between Sardath, Alanna, and Adam. This whole Rann thing pretty much squashes the Booster Gold Theory as he is solidly on Rann in the present. He stole the Zeta device and they don’t seem to like him very much. Back on Krypton in the past/present, Adam and Kem comically chat it up. Kem is on a personal quest to save Ona, a story everyone else but him, including the audience, sees as futile. Seg and the gang make a plan to attack Brainiac when he’s recharging in the Genesis chamber by sucking the life out of embryos. Yeah.

Momma-Zod and General Zod go to meet with Black Zero to get troops.

Lyta, Nyssa, and Seg go to use Dev-Em’s connection to… ummm… something with Brainaic. There’s a lot of flirting between Seg and Lyta. There’s also a lot of flirting between Seg and Nyssa. In an anticlimactic sequence, they find Dev-Em and bring him back to the fortress… someone is watching them, but they don’t notice and I didn’t care.

Finally we meet the mad nurse from Game of Thrones, but here she is Jax-Ur, head of black Zero. She monologues and cackles a lot. In the end, she wants to exchange Daddy-Vex for her help. Everyone, including Nyssa agrees.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Dev-Em has no arm, but is getting medical attention. None of this makes sense, but the acting is pretty decent.

Kem finds Ona, but she wants to stay with the VOR/AOB. Adam Strange goes to Daddy-Vex to make a deal with him. Again, this scene doesn’t make much sense in terms of story, he wants Seg in exchange for information.

Finally, and oddly suddenly, the attack on Brainiac happens whole he’s sucking the baby juice from the Genesis chamber. Somehow they hack Dev-Ema and all the guards fall. VOR/AOB kicks the snot out of General Zod and than gets shot by Momma-Zod and takes a Palpetine like fall down a hole.

Dev-Em wakes up fine, Nyssa hands her dad over to Black Zero.

VOR/AOB shows up in his chamber and creeps over Ona who runs out past Adam Strange.

At the bar, Momma-Zod tells Seg not to trust General Zod because she thinks he’s going to try to take over Krypton. Ona shows up and blows up…yep. She’s a bomb, but Adam jumps in the way and shields/teleports himself, the explosion, and maybe Ona to somewhere else.

This is the best part of the show… Adam lands in a strange place. Could be Earth or another planet… or something. He lands in front of a woman with short blond hair who doesn’t move, as if she’s frozen, but he clothes flutter in the wind. Suddenly her eyes move to look at him. Fade to Black.



Let the speculation on who the mystery woman is… I think she’s Power girl, check it out below.

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