Krypton Review Ep 107: Krypton Is Vexed And All The Better For It


What am I talking about this time: Krypton Ep:107 “Transformation”

Directed By: Metin Hüseyin

Written By: David Kob


Overall Review: 3 out of 5 Nyssas

Is it worth your time? Yeah… I think so (he mumbled under his breath)

Spoiler Free Review:

This episode isn’t bad, but coming off such a great last episode… it pales in comparison. The pacing is fine, dialogue and acting are all fine. Kem is back in this episode, but other than monologueing exposition doesn’t do much. The bright light in this episode is Nyssa, who walks away with this show- her acting is fantastic giving every scene she is in real urgency and importance.

This is one of those episodes where so much happens, but when you look back, very little actually did happen. The scenes are well paced, but kinda empty. There some solid fight choreography and decent storytelling… but it just wasn’t great.

Spoilery Review:

Voice of Rao continues to assimilate and decimate the Sagitari, creating his own army with red discs on their head. Daddy Vex makes a deal with the Voice of Rao, now calling himself the Agent of Brainaic. The VOR/AOB thinks Vex can be useful and spares him, but forces him to give up his daughter. Back at Kem’s the gang re-groups, finds out what going on in Kandor, and leaves to save Nyssa. Adam Strange gives a toast to Superman’s cape… an item of great importance that we’ve barely seen since the pilot. The cape doesn’t look all that dissolved- feels like they have plenty of time before they address that. Adam uses the Fortress AI to help him fix the Zeta Beam, during which he has a heart-to-hologram chat about being a failure. Daddy Vex tries to kill Nyssa, but she tricks him and he shoots the wardrobe hologram instead.

Back in the overly familiar and repetitive corridors of Kandor’s lower city, Dev-Em finds Lyta and they talk while walking through a lot of corridors. Lyta kinda backtracks on the “I love you” thing, in a disappointing moment that makes previous episodes even duller.

Back to the Vex clan, Seg comes to help Nyssa, but doesn’t do anything she couldn’t do without him. Daddy-Vex calls for help when their guard is down and two Sagitari burst in as he escaped. The fight scene that follows has some really good corepgraphy, but only on Nyssa’s part. Seg’s battle continues the tradition of practice fighting at half speed , than speeding up the film… it looks weird. After the win, they escape in the Sagitari armor and head to the lower levels.

Dev-Ema nd Lyta find Momma-Zod in the snowy outlands where she was hiding. Dev-Em lowers his hood, reveling the red disc and babbles about the glory of Brainiac, than tries to kill them. Lyta blows his arm off… kinda like in the pilot. Guess they like to blow arms off on Krypton.

Back at Kem’s bar, everyone regroups. Momma-Zod asks the question we’ve all been waiting for to General Zod, “Whose your daddy and what does he do?” After a big set-up, General Zod says he doesn’t know. Waaaaah whaaa. Momma-Zod grills him some more about his timeline, she obviously doesn’t trust him. Seg comes up with a halfway decent plan, to attach the VOR/AOB in front of people to show them he’s not Kryptonian, then they will all rise up against him. It’s a terrible plan, but everyone watching knows it will fail anyway, so they do it.

Adam Strange gets a second wind after chatting with the Fortress AI, deletes the record of the conversation and heads to kill General Zod.

The VOR/AOB shows up at a ceremony and one of his nuns stands up and says he’s not a man, the VOR/AOB then tell everyone he’s transcended and his a fire ball envelops him and he claims their faith ahs been rewarded and offers all of Kandor the choice to live forever.

Seg and the gang are fuuuuuuuuuuuucked.

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