Cobra Kai Never Dies and Gets Renewed for Second Season on Youtube Red


Warning Spoilers ahead…..

Every villain is a hero of their own story. This is the premise for Cobra Kai a Youtube Red exclusive that was released on May 2nd. The first Season was made up of 10 half hour episodes focusing mostly on William Zabka’s character Johnny Lawrence.

The story starts off right where we left johnny with face down on the mat  after taking that finishing crane kick from Danny. It transitions to Johnny 34 years later in a one bedroom apartment his bed surrounded by empty beer bottles. It seems that at the start of this story Johnny had reached his peak up until the events of Karate Kid and it has been downhill from there.

The premise of this show kind of follows a theory that Barney from How I Met Your Mother describes. Where Barney believes that Daniel Laruso was the actual villain and that him coming to the high school and messing with Johnny’s life is what put him on the path he is on right now.

Here is a youtuber J. Matthew Turner that verifies this theory

Johnny goes on to defend a young boy that lives in his apartment complex against some high school thugs. This immediately got me to think that Johnny is the Miyagi of this story and this young man is his Daniel Laruso.   The story follows 4 characters lives Daniel, Johnny, Miguel Diaz the young kid who lives near Johnny, and Robby Keane Johnny’s son that he has abandoned.

As far as who the villain and the hero is. Sometimes Daniel is the hero sometimes he can be a little evil. Same with Johnny we get to see that he isn’t as bad as he was portrayed in the original film. There is one great episode where we actually see Daniel and Johnny actually connecting and becoming friends.

Miguel becomes Johnny’s first student and helps Johnny find some purpose in life. Miguel becomes like a son to Johnny since Robby doesn’t want anything to do with his father. Ironically enough Robby finds a father figure in Daniel. Out of spite Robby applies for a job at Daniel’s car dealership to stick it to his father. The funny thing is that Robby who is a troubled teen actual enjoys working there and eventually trains with Daniel which helps him find balance in his life.

 The finale comes down to Robby and Miguel fighting each other in the final round of the tournament. It is so amazing how much this show pays homage to the original films while making it something new for more audience to enjoy. Character development is great in this film and you really realize that there is always more to the story.

The story ends with a special cameo that hints towards a second season. And it has been confirmed that in 2019 Cobra Kai will be back for its second season. Looks like I’m gonna have to renew my subscription to Youtube red when that happens.

What did you think about the show leave the comments below. Mike Pouncey Womens Jersey

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