“Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose” Friday Nights Lights Movie is in the Works


Universal is going to reboot Friday Nights Lights and it seems they have asked David Gordon Green to direct.  The film is not going to be a sequel to the 2004 film staring Billy Bob Thorton this will be a reboot of the story based on the 1988 Permian High School Panthers. There was a series also based on the story staring Kyle Chandler that ran from 206 to 2011.  This new film will not be attached to that series or the movie from 2004.

The film will be set in a new setting with new characters and will probably have the same story of a small town football tea am who finds its way to greatness. Friday Night Lights has always been about family values, the effect sports has on young teenagers life and social issues like drugs, sex and discrimination.  The main story will probably focus how this team will face adversity in order to make an impact on the high school football world.

The movie will revolve around a football coach and his struggle to build his team of misfits and outcasts into a group of young respectable adults. In the series and movie the players dealt with the pressures of racism and balancing their school life and their football careers.  It will be interesting to see who they cast as the head coach because Billy Bob Thorton and Kyle Chandler left big shoes to fill.

One interesting thing about both the series and the movie is that the wife of the coach was played by Connie Britton. She played the coach’s wife Sharon Gaines in the film then went on to play Tami Taylor on the series who was also the coach’s wife



As for the Director David Gordon Green, he has worked on projects like Pineapple Express, The sitter, and most recently he has been working on the 11th installment of the Halloween series which takes place 40 years after the original film. So its safe to say he knows a thing or two about directing misguided teens who deal with drugs and sex.

Its going to be interesting to see the take on the iconic Panthers team and there has been a void for a high school football story. Based on the director’s work on Stronger with Jake Gyllenhaal i am sure we are going to see a very inspiring story.

I think this film will be great. There is something so amazing about sports in its purest form, when athletes get their taste of greatness its as if nothing else in the world matters. The impact of organized sports helps many young adults deal with the pressures of normal life and i think this film will highlight those aspects of their lives and if they can do that i think it will connect with a large group of people.


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