A Who’s Who in Marvel Studios ‘Captain Marvel’ According to Our Character Breakdowns


We at That Hashtag Show have worked hard over the years to bring you accurate, reliable information before anyone else. One of the things we’ve specialized in is bringing you character breakdowns for upcoming projects just like we did for 2019’s Captain Marvel. While often times these breakdowns are BOTH in code and reveal very little about the characters, we like to throw some guesses out there to fire up speculation about the films. We don’t typically expect to hit on our guesses, but we don’t mind because the real story is that you fans get a first look at the characters you can expect when the projects hit the screen.

While nobody bats 1.000 in the scoop game, I’d invite you to revisit any and all of our character breakdown pieces and identify how many of the breakdowns we provided were NOT in the production. Our guesses about WHO they are can be wrong, but these characters are in the finished products. With today’s casting of Annette Bening in an unknown role (multiple reports have her as a “scientist” and as Carol’s mom), we thought it might be a great time to revisit the original breakdowns and see what’s happened since we shared the news.


 Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel


[Lead]Female (25-30)

Yeah, the breakdowns actually have to list Brie Larson as the lead of the film. Moving on.

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