10 Gloves More Powerful Than The Infinity Gauntlet


“snap” “You’re going to feel some slight… discomfort”

5) A Doctor’s Rubber Gauntlet

Thanos may have the most famous snap in the Marvel Universe, but to anyone over 40, the snap of a doctor’s glove is infinitely scarier. The fear instilled in any prostate exam has more power its lubed up finger than all the infinity stones/gems  in Thanos’s gauntlet combined. Seriously, it’s as bad as you imagine it to be.

How It Could Defeat Thanos: Doctor Strange puts down the Eye of Agamotto and puts on his doctor’s tie for Thanos yearly exam. While he’s knuckle deep in the Mad Titan’s rear-end, the rest of the Avengers attack.  Although, Dr.Strange would have to make the ultimate sacrifice (fingering Thanos), it would be worth it in the end.

No it wouldn’t.

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