Theories and Questions Within Westworld’s “Virtú e Fortuna”


Westworld Constantly Answers Questions with More Questions

Season Two isn’t holding any punches back when it comes to painting the rest of the world outside the Western setting of Westworld. Viewers enter an unfamiliar setting for the second time this season in Episode 203, “Virtú e Fortuna”.



What almost seemed like the familiar prestige party we saw at Delos’ retirement party last episode, we’re instead in a colonial Indian resort accompanied with the undertones of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” playing from a sitar. This immediately connects to the anomaly of the washed up Bengal tiger at the end of Episode 201, “Journey Into Night”. Park 6 is no longer a mystery.

Although the answer of where the Bengal tiger might’ve been answered immediately, the focal point here is Grace – the woman who valiantly shot Nicholas to prove he wasn’t a host. From their initial meeting to reaching a quiet campground, Grace had been keeping a journal close to her chest, so-to-speak. Nicholas assumed that she was at the park to hunt for Bengals at the edge of the park, but left her true intentions ambiguous. What is it that she’s truly looking for? Are there any indications on the map where this new character may be headed?

Also, who is Grace? Many fans have speculated that this is Theresa from an earlier timeline. Others have said she may be a daughter of many other characters – Theresa included, due to her looks and mannerisms. There is quite a resemblance, so I’m putting this as one of my options, but still don’t feel convinced enough to put all my eggs in that basket just yet.



Maeve, Hector, and Lee continue the pursuit of Maeve’s supposed daughter. Lee is apprehensive to continue through a shortcut he had suggested with right cause as a member of Ghost Nation appears. Hector speaks to them in their native language of Lakota. The tribe member says they’re free to continue on their path, but insists that they give Lee up to them, slowly approaching them.

Maeve knowing that she’ll still be needing Lee’s assistance, attempts to use her control over the hosts to stop him. It seemingly works, until more Ghost Nation tribe members appears and creep in closer to them. Hector attempts to scare them with gunshots, but they don’t budge, as they run off to find an elevator back underground. For the first time, Maeve loses control of verbally controlling the hosts since gaining the ability.

Are there certain limitations to this ability or is Ghost Nation just impervious to it? Perhaps Maeve is slowly losing control, in general – but why? Also, why does Ghost Nation want Lee specifically? Either way, their work is going to be cut out for them if Maeve is unable to maintain this ability, as she tries to find her daughter.



Bernard and Charlotte were able to locate Peter Abernathy, but not before the Confederados spotted them. Charlotte was able to escape back to the Mesa headquarters to recruit some reconnaissance help; Bernard and Abernathy were taken as a prisoners. They were taken to Fort Forlorn Hope where Dolores stages an attack, using the troops there as pawns. The night before, Bernard was able to decrypt the files that were uploaded to Peter Abernathy. Last season, Charlotte was adamant about protecting 35 years of intellectual property before Ford’s forced retirement. Bernard was dumbstruck by what he found in the data. What’s contained in the data has always been a big question, and is going to remain as one of Season Two’s story arcs.

Bernard. You made it. I didn’t think you had it in you.

A bigger mystery probably slipped under the radar for most. At the top of the episode Bernard, Stubbs, and the rest of the search-and-rescue team led by Strand find Charlotte. Before insinuating Bernard may have an idea of where Abernathy slipped away to again, Charlotte reacts at the sight of him, “Bernard. You made it. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

What did she mean by this? This has to be related to the dream that “BernArnold” was telling Dolores, which consequently ties to finding Bernard laying face flat on the ground, and the hundreds of hosts dead in the ocean. Did Bernard and Charlotte devise this plan to eliminate the hosts? By the sounds of it, there may have been much hesitation from Bernard’s end. Maybe this “door” opens for the hosts, but instead of a gateway to the mainland was a flood of water.

I’m assuming Teddy was the true catalyst here, preventing hosts from crossing over; Bernard intentionally “lost” Abernathy to save the integrity of the park considering the data that he contained.



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