The Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys Are Now Available Online!


The one thing I love about the Disney Parks is the merchandise your able to buy. Recently, one of the most popular pieces of merchandise to purchase are the Spirit Jerseys which come in a multitude of colors including Millennial Pink Jersey and Rose Gold. If you’ve seen these Jersey’s all over the web and have dreamed of owning one yourself, but don’t live near a Disney Park, and don’t want to pay a million dollars on eBay, never fear they’ve got you! The Disney Princess Spirit Jersey collection has just made its way to, and these 4 jerseys look incredible.

The Cinderella Jersey is blue, and on the front of it is Cinderella’s glass slipper. The Aurora jersey is a very cute light pink, with a rose on the front. The Ariel jersey is teal, with a shell on the front. And the Snow White jersey is blue, white, and yellow, with an apple on the front.

You can get these for either Walt Disney World or Disneyland, and they will make your next trip to the parks magical.

Source: Disney Style

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