Letting Off Some Steam In Public: Steam Gaming Coming To iOS And Android



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Valve has announced that coming May 21 a new app will be available for both iOS and Android devices. The Steam Link app will allow players to use their respective devices to play any game from their library. As long as they have a as long as the host PC is connected either to a 5Ghz network or plugged in with an ethernet cable.


Been wanting to play Portal 2 again since you traded in your PS3 but made sure to download the free Steam version, now you can! The biggest issue is playing games on touch screen is thay are better suited for PC or full game controllers. They got that covered with full support of the Steam or MFI controllers. Possibly with newer phones on the market could you use the OTG adapter that comes standard with the Galaxy line of phones from Samsung? Can you use the Bluetooth on your personal controllers on your phone?

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Watch your step

This sounds like a great idea, but who knows what technical issues could arise upon release that might kill it before reaching its full potential. Will it feature Co-op? What happens if your router decides to quit midway thru game? How do you play if you left your controller at home and your stuck in an airport and your itching to get that next high score? How much space will it take up on your portable device? How much battery life will it kill?

We should be getting more details later this month upon its release, till then stay tuned in with ThatHashtagShow for any further developments.



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