DC Comics Review Round Up: Week of 5/9/18


Alright guys, new comics for a new week. I read em’ so you don’t have to!

Spoilers ahead.

Batman White Knight #8 (Of 8)
Is it worth $4.99? Yes, Sir!!! Get conclusion to a great series!!
By: Sean Murphy
Review: 4 out of 5 Johnny DCs

This series wained a little in the middle, but picked right back up! the entire Bat crew races through the tunnels of Gotham in all the different Batmobiles while Jack Napier’s joker side fights for dominance. It all ends in a showdown between the 2 Harley’s as the old one beats the snot out of the new one. Jack goes back to Arkham and attempts to marry Harley, but reverts back just as he says I do… permanently. There’s a few endings here after the ending. Batman makes amends with Nightwing and Batgirl and reads Alfred’s emotional last letter to him. Than we find out Harley was behind it all along as a way to get the world to see a better side of Joker and Batman to pull himself back from the edge. And finally, Batman reveals himself to Gordon in a sudden, but fitting finale.

Detective Comics #980
Is it worth $2.99? Eh, this run still getting better, but not there yet.
By: James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez
Review: 2 out of 5 Johnny DCs

Same as last time, really. Ulysses tempts Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain with the older (way better) versions of themselves pre-52. They say no and attempt to turn the tables on him. Meanwhile, Batman and Batwoman are still fighting brother eyes and Brother-eyed versions of Azriel and Batwing. Yawwwwwn.

Flash #46
Is it worth $2.99? Yeah, this series has been pretty solid. They deserve your $$$
By: Joshua Williamson, Scott Kolins
Review: 3.5 out of 5 Johnny DCs

‘THE ROAD TO FLASH WAR!’ Wally West is losing his mind after meeting Iris. So he runs with Barry. The cure-all for any speedster problem. At the same time, Hunter Solomon and Reverse Flash team up, until reverse Flash leaves and Zoom begins his plan of attack.

Wonder Woman #46
Is it worth $2.99? Solid start to a No Justice tie in.
By: James Robinson, Stephen Segovia, Jenny Frison
Review: 4 out of 5 Johnny DCs

‘The Dark Gods’ part one! People are rejecting their Gods and beliefs all over the world and Cheetah as well. A godless Cheetah is a menace to everyone. Wonder woman takes her down, but sees the world at large as a new dark gods come to take the place of the old. Chris Harris Jr Womens Jersey

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