Conan Exiles: A Blessing from Krum &; FunCom


After  months in development and Beta testing, Conan Exiles has finally released to the masses and it is massive. This open world RPG inspired by Robert E. Howard stories and is huge much like the massive chest of the titular character.


First you do not have to be Conan in the game you are on your own quest, for riches, power or even a kingdom. The game is a huge sandbox and you can play it as you like. This is very much like Breath of the Wild where environment will play a factor in how you handle yourself, just don’t wear a bikini in a snowstorm.


Deep Silver just released another trailer and its refreshing that a company pokes fun at itself mentioned that its all started with sand. But it’s true the customization and options for play are endless. Want to just pillage the world? go ahead! Want to build a massive castle? go ahead! Want to capture Npcs and have a massive legion at your command just beyond your castle walls? Go ahead! Crawl a dungeon, , work with others online? It’s limitless! The game has already sold 1 Million copies even before of its May 8th release!


Game play is intuitive, as there is not a class system you have some fluidity, as not to be stuck down one track. But don’t get used to that one favorite combo, the AI will adapt. As you build you castle you can also craft and add cooking stations to help and heal your character or make offering to the gods and control a massive avatar the crush your opponents.

Crush your Enemies

The game comes out right on the heels of a new Conan Marvel comic and TV series being developed by Amazon. Could it be possible that we get a tie in with theses new formats? Who Knows! But at the end of the day the only thing that matters to Conan is “Crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.”


Conan Exiles is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and Steam.


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