BREAKING: COMCAST Offers An All-Cash Bid For FOX’s Assets


Yesterday, Reuters announced that Comcast Corp. is planning to bid on Twenty-First Century Fox media assets with an all-cash bid of $60 billion dollars. However, this deal can only proceed if a federal judge allows AT&T’s $85 billion deal for Time Warner to proceed, which is likely to happen in June.

Back in December, it was announced that Disney would bid $52 billion for Twenty-First Century Fox’s media assets, which include popular titles like, the X-Men franchise, Fantastic FourDeadpool, etc. Previous reports have said that the Disney/Fox deal could close by 2019; however, this may not be the case anymore. According to CNBC, Comcast Corp’s shares have fallen 15 percent since the Disney/Fox deal was announced and now Comcast thinks it’s better to purpose an all-cash deal, even if FOX prefers Disney shares. This could end up being a better deal for Twenty-First Century Fox because if the Comcast bid adds more stock, Fox stock will go down, ultimately diminishing Disney’s original offer.

Walt Disney CEO, Bob Iger, commented on the reports today, telling CNBC, “We made a good deal, actually a deal that shareholders reacted quite favorably to and we’re going to remain confident in our ability to close.” When asked about the Comcast Corp. deal that was purposed, he didn’t know what they were planning on doing nor why they were doing it; he declined to speak about the all-cash deal.

If Fox does end up going with Comcast’s offer, there could be some advantages to the deal. For one, they can sell Disney the Marvel licenses that Fox currently owns. We’re assuming that Disney has already drawn up plans for what they might do with their new acquired characters, so this could be beneficial to both parties. Lastly, to earn back some money spend on the deal, Comcast could sell their other Marvel licenses, such as the Hulk and Namor.

Check back here for more updates on the Twenty-First Century Fox deal.

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