10 Gloves More Powerful Than The Infinity Gauntlet


4) The Gauntlet Gauntlet

No game had the power to war time and absorb quarters from young kids in 1985 like Gauntlet. You might have been Thor (the warrior), Merlin (the wizard), Thyra (the  Valkyrie), or Questor (the Elf)- but whoever you chose, you threw hours of your life away in front of this arcade game emptying your allowance into it’s hungry belly.

How It Could Defeat Thanos: Tony buys one of the old arcade cabinets and has it delivered to Thanos. That’s it, really. Thanos and three of his black Order disappears into a game-hole. Thanos plays as Thyra, like every 13 year old did, and after taking off the glove to really work the joystick and buttons Scarlet Witch just hands him a new roll of quarters and walks away with the Infinity stones. Everybody wins.

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