First Look At Toy Story Land’s New Merchandise


When Toy Story Land opens on June 30 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it just won’t be the debut of new theme park attractions, but also accompanying merchandise to be exclusively sold in the new area. The Disney Parks Blog shared some first looks of the new products.

The ubiquitous symbol of the Disney theme parks, the Mickey Mouse ears hats and headbands, have been customized for this new area and based on Pixar’s flagship franchise. Guests will be able to purchase headbands with styles that feature Slinky Dog and the Pizza Planet aliens.

The Light-Up Slinky Dog has colorful light-up rings that make up the midsection of Woody’s best friend and loyal compatriot.

New children’s apparel will feature the commemorative slogan “I Played There” in order to celebrate the little guests being some of the first ones to experience the new themed section.

Toy Story Land will also be the new home to Slinky Dog Dash, a rollercoaster that looks like Andy has assembled it himself, the whirling Alien Swirling Saucers which spin you about, and a third track added to the ten-year-old attraction Toy Story Mania! which should definitely alleviate the persistently long lines of the extremely popular attraction.

Guests will also be able to stop by Woody’s Lunch Box for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu lists a wide variety of items including ice cream floats, hot cocoa, and alcoholic beverages for the older crowd.

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