Comic Rewind: Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?


Superman has died and ten years have passed, but what could have killed the man of tomorrow?  Find out in Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

This volume is made up of three stories with the first being the actual Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? story.

On the anniversary of the death of Superman Tim Crane of The Daily Planet interviews Lois Elliot formerly Lois Lane.  He wants to go over the last few days of Superman’s life from the person who knew him best.

Bizarro goes on a rampage and murders a bunch of people.  His actions were always just harmless stupidity, but on this day it changed.  Bizarro decided to be different from Superman. If Superman didn’t kill then Bizarro would.  Finally if Superman was alive then Bizarro would kill himself so he was not.

Clark Kent was unmasked as Superman.  This put the lives of everyone who knew Kent in danger.  Superman decided the only way to save them was to hide them at the Fortress of Solitude.

While Superman is doing this good ole Lex Luthor was looking for Brainiac’s head.  Luthor finds him, but gets more than he was expecting. Brainiac sends out some tentacles and takes over Luthor’s body.  The pair decide to make this Superman’s last day and put up a force-field around the Fortress of Solitude.

The second story is The Jungle Line and is about Superman being infected by a rare Kryptonian fungus which came in on a meteor.  It causes the victim to slowly lose their mind and eventually die. Superman sees the signs he is infected and drives south to die.  However, he drives right into Swamp Thing country. Can old Swampy help Superman before he dies?

For the Man Who Has Everything is the third story and is about Superman’s birthday.  He invites his two closest superhero friends. Batman with Robin and Wonder Woman all arrive and enter the Fortress of Solitude.  They find Superman with a plant of his chest and him standing still like a statue. The villain Mongul comes out and explains the plant is called Black Mercy.

The plant feeds on their bio-aura, but in return it gives them a dream of their greatest desire until they die.

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? was written by Alan Moore with art by Curt Swan, Dave Gibbons, Rick Veitch, George Perez, Kurt Schaffenberger and Al Williamson.  DC Comics published this collection in 2010.

Moore is known as one of the comic book greats.  It was a no brainer to read a story by him. I have always heard good things about this story over the years. Also I have not read a lot of Superman comics so I wanted to change that.

The actual Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? story was really boring.  Moore did Watchmen around the same time and that didn’t seem dated at all.  However, this story really showed its age.

The story was a little hokey and simple.  I was expecting a lot more depth from Moore.  I can see some good aspects which I would have liked him to explore more.

What is really interesting is I thought the other two stories were light years better than Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?  I don’t know why that story gets so much love.  I found it really boring.

The last two stories examine who Superman is as a person.  He doesn’t fight a big villain and the conflict in both is with himself.  It showed how selfless he is and also how alone he is in a world full of fans and friends.  I love seeing this side of Superman.

I would recommend not reading Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? And just read the other two stories.  They are just an issue each and are really good Superman stories.

If you are looking for really good Superman stories then I recommend Superman: Red Son and All-Star Superman.


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