Supergirl To Take On Broadway!


Every superhero needs a summer break and Supergirl is no different. Just announced, Melissa Benoist will be heading to Broadway to take on the lead role of Carol King in “Beautiful – The Carole King Musical” and she couldn’t be more excited.

“The stage has always felt like home to me,” said Melissa,” and the fact that I will be joining the amazingly talented Beautiful family for my Broadway debut is wish fulfillment at its finest. Carole’s music was a mainstay in my household growing up, like it was for so many people. It will be an honor and a pleasure to sing her music and portray her inspiring resilience to audiences every night.”

Melissa is no stranger to the stage or showing off her singing abilities, from her start in Glee to the musical crossover of Supergirl and The Flash, Melissa is sure to shine in one of my favorite jukebox musicals. Melissa’s run begins June 7-August 4, 2018 at the Stephen Sondheim theatre. Ticket prices for Beautiful range from $69 – $169 and are available for purchase via, by calling 212-239-6200, or in person at the Sondheim Theatre box office.



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