The Cryptic Hints Within Westworld’s Main Title


A Single Season Condensed in One Minute and Forty-six Seconds

Memorable characters and emotionally-driven storylines will always define a great television series. But the one thing that sticks with us, long after the details of plot points escape our memories, are the opening credits, also called main titles. Theme songs from shows such as Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and even going as far back as The Addams Family will always strike nostalgia within us as viewers. Other shows such as Dexter, Mad Men, and Stranger Things – albeit much simpler – also have recognizable (instrumental) themes, but rely more heavily on the visuals. A main title’s purpose is to paint the overall theme of the entire series with images and theme songs that stick to your rib. Sometimes, a clever show like Westworld will provide hints about plot points of the current season.

Season 1 Main Title

Upon first viewing, Westworld Season 1’s opening credits seem straight-forward, to say the least. The haunting sounds of an old piano and violin provide the Western vibe we’re all to expect. As soon as an image of a nozzle printing a 3D ligament hits the screen, the main title reminds us that this is not just the Wild West, but also science fiction. From there, the way we absorb the next minute and a half simply support those two themes.

It’s all innocent until we get further into “The Maze” and start approaching “The Door”, Season 2.

Season 2 Main Title

We hear the piano being struck with the same chords that we’ve been accustomed to for 10 episodes. The images aren’t too jarring, but we are introduced with new images with the same muted whites, blues, and yellows, if not a bit brighter. If you’ve completely forgotten or haven’t paid attention to Season 1’s main title, chances are you probably thought you’ve been watching the same thing.

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