Ryan Reynolds Says ‘No’ To Future TJ Miller Appearances


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TJ Miller is a problematic person and that is a simple understatement. I would use other adjectives to describe him, but we mustn’t get too personal as entertainment journalists. Let’s just say that despite how funny he may be on screen, I am ecstatic about this news. Over the last few months a movement titled, “Me Too” has been steadily growing, and it’s main mission is to combat sexual assault and harassment whether the victim be male or female. A lot of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets were finally exposed to the public from Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch, which we learned were assaults or rape, to R Kelly, and Bryan Singer’s pedophilia tendencies. For the sake of legalities, these are all alleged, but the point of the movement is to also hold people accountable for these illegal actions. After a turbulent exit from his HBO show Silicon Valley last May, disturbing allegations against Deadpool’s TJ Miller (Weasel) were released by The Daily Beast last December in which a former college girlfriend of Miller’s accuses him of raping, choking and beating her which they were attending the same school. Since then it’s been revealed that he ridiculed a trans-gendered woman, and most recently made a false bomb threat on a train because he had an argument with another female passenger for which he is currently facing criminal charges. See the pattern here?

Some people wanted Miller to get the Kevin Spacey treatment for Deadpool 2, however Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed to Indiewire back in January that they were in the final stages of editing and would not be reshooting anymore scenes. The film had already dealt with the tragedy of a stunt gone wrong last year which delayed filming for a few days, the studio had already pushed New Mutantsand were dealing with the logistical nightmare of trying to schedule reshoots for both the aforementioned film and Dark PhoenixSo while Miller makes his uncut appearance in the upcoming Deadpool film, don’t expect to see him in future installments. During an interview with The New York Times, Reynolds declined to comment on his co-star’s behavior, but confirmed that he will not be in  X-Force

Safe to say since Singer, and Ratner were ousted by Fox, and WB respectively for similar behavior, and they are much larger commodities for their studios, that Miller may be getting the axe from future Fox films. Of course we have yet to see how facing up to 5 years in prison will affect any future work for Miller as he has two more films on the docket.

Deadpool will be released in theaters on Friday, May 18th. Cordrea Tankersley Womens Jersey

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