Krypton Review Ep:106 ZOD DAMN!! Krypton Just Got GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!


What am I talking about this time: Krypton Review Ep:106 “Civil Wars”

BY: Director: Kate Dennis

Written by Doris Egan

Overall Review: 5 out of 5 Brainiacs

Is it worth your time? Oh yes!!! Big yes! This is easily the best episode of the series so far… which, I know isn’t saying much… but it’s daaaaaamn good. Is it worth watching every episode up to this….ummm… maybe?!


Spoiler Free Review:

Boy, did Krypton take its sweet time getting here, but HOT DAMN, THIS EPISODE IS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! The first 5min of this episode alone puts everything before it to shame!!! Look, there isn’t much I can say here without giving away the good stuff. There’s a great twist at the beginning and an awesome semi-twist near the end and fan orgasms throughout the episode. There is actual world building and true motivation for everyone (except for Kem, who isn’t in this one). The dialogue is spot on, the acting top notch. They really pulled this episode together to the point where it made the prev episodes look really crappy(er) in comparison. If I have one complaint… it’s that they should have gotten here sooner… soooo much sooner.


Spoilery Review:

The Mother Flippin’ General Zod comes to TV… and that’s not even the best part!! Ok, let me get a handle here. First off, the twist at the end of last week’s episode is that mysterious dude running around that everyone thinks is Black zero, is really Lyta-Zod’s son. But he’s not just any Zod. He’s THE Zod… specifically THE General Zod. This is revealed when Adam Strange sees hi, flips out and tries to kill “Superman’s greatest enemy”. G to the Zod quickly turns the tables revealing that Krypton will be destroyed in a mere 200 years, something Adam Strange has been hesitant to tell Seg-el and the others. Suddenly, both Adam Strange and General Zod are cuffed together and interrogated by Seg and Lyta. I can’t under estimate how crappy this scene could have been, and yet the acting is tense and perfect, the dialogue is short, to the point and sharp as a knife. Every beat is a cat and mouse game with Zod using the truth and sincere love of Krypton to bend his interrogators to his side, while Adam Strange, easily outmaneuvered by the evil Kryptonian, is barely keeping up and basically just reducing to pleading. But wait, cause shit is gonna go down!

Inside Kandor, our God of many faces is being plotted against by Momma-Zod (now Granny-Zod?), the Vex Clan, and now Dev-Em. They’re gonna blow up the Voice of Rao with a bomb and blame Black Zero. Again, solid acting and pacing keep this moving and interesting across the board. Back in the outer lands, Seg and Lyta have decided to trust General Zod, and you can’t blame them. He’s just a better talker. They maneuver through some very similar corridors, but again the dialogue is wonderful. Zod openly admits to being friends with Seg’s son and then having a falling out while being bitter enemies with Superman, a man who he claims turns his back on his Kryptonian heritage. This visually effects Seg who later claims his grandson is a traitor. At the same time, General Zod tells his mom that it’s good to see her smiling and happy, because soon she will change when “The Battle of Kandor” happens. I was aggravated because Lyta never asks who his dad is, but that got overshadowed by a conversation she has with Seg when she puts the pieces together and realizes that in General Zod’s timeline, they are not a couple, which than gets overshadowed against when the find a door that has the House of Zod emblem overlade over the House of El emblem. It takes them a lot longer than it really should to figure that out, but once they do, there’s some blood letting and the door opens to find… MOTHER FUCKING DOOMSDAY, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought for sure, that was the cliffhanger ending, fade to black next time on Krypton… but now… there’s still more bad assery to come.

Cut within all this is the plot to Kill voice of Rao, instead of dragging it out like they have been doing it all goes down spectacularly… bad. So at the last min the V.O.R declares he wants the council chambers full of Guilded and Rankles for the completion of the Nova cycle, something he apparently does alone or whatever…. But that’s where the bomb is supposed to go off. After a tense argument between the uprising staff, they agree to go ahead and kill a ton of innocents to get to the VOR. But at the last minute, Dev-em in a nice bit of acting warns everyone and the plot is foiled. So here we are, last couple minutes of the show and the voice of Rao returns to his chambers where like 15 Sagitari are waiting, weapons drawn. He takes off his helmet, looking like a Tony Star who hasn’t eaten in 3 weeks and proceeds to fuck everyone up with his Brainiac tentacles… IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Look, I HOPE Krypton can keep this up cause this episode was balls to the wall great, but I’m just not sure they can…

Stay tuned.




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