POWER RANGERS Fan Theory: Was Zordon the Original White Ranger??



The origin of the Power Ranger Coins has been a very well-kept secret since the start of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It wasn’t until season 3 that we found out the creator of the coins was none other than Ninjor and they were created Temple of Power.

It was said in the episode that Ninjor was the only one who can create the power coins. This is why in Season 3 the power rangers had to go to him to get the new ninja power coins.

This leads us to one question though. How was Zordon able to create a new power coin for Tommy in the episode “White Light?”  A theory brought to us by Reddit user CapRegionJourno thinks that Zordon did not create the white ranger coin, rather he passed on his own coin to Tommy.

Based on this theory Zordon was the Original White Ranger. This doesn’t seem so farfetched, as we saw in the 2017 Movie that Zordon was the original red ranger of his team.

The theory is prior to being trapped in that containment tube, Zordon was actually the leader of his power ranger team and was given the White Ranger Coin by Ninjor with the original 5 power coins.

Tommy had lost his green ranger powers, and the new threat that was Lord Zedd was making the power ranger’s job harder.  Zordon decided to hand off his power coin to Tommy since he was unable to be the white ranger being trapped in that tube?

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For more Check out our video on the theory.





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