GO GO Hasbro Rangers! To Sequel or Not to Sequel That is the Question


Hasbro has acquired Power Rangers from Saban for a reported $522 million. What has us on the edge of our seats is: Are we getting a sequel to the 2017 movie


After the film wasn’t a financial success at the box office. There hasn’t been word if or when a sequel will be made at all. The fandom wants it but does Hasbro have the “power” to give us a Morphinominal Movie Experience? What is it going to take to bring our inner child or our own children back to the theater? We really aren’t sure what direction or for that fact, if a production company would take on the franchise. Paramount has had great success with other Hasbro franchises like Transformers. But even they haven’t all been a box office hits; consider Revenge of the Fallen or The Last Knight


Since the 2017 movie the cast have gotten more famous outside of the morphin’ grid. Jason played by Dacre Montgomery is now in Stranger Things, Kimberly and Zack played by Naomi Scott and Ludi Lin will both grace the silver screen in Aquaman and the live action Aladdin. By the time Hasbro has the time to come around for primary filming rising stars might not be able to reprise their respective roles, because they grew up between films and wont look like “teenagers with attitude.”


Where do we go from here? Do we cast a whole new team or maybe send a few to a peace conference? What about a soft reboot much like Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows?
Would it be a good idea to build off the flimsy narrative or scrap the project entirely and start from square one?

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Is Hasbro going to take the money and run in a cash grab, knowing that we will go see a sequel, no matter what? Maybe go back to the idea of an extended universe like they tried a few years ago at comic con with ROM the Space Knight, Transformers, and M.A.S.K.? Imagine if you will, The Matrix of Leadership being passed on to the newest Megazord in a strange Dues Ex Machina.


All we can do is hope that Hasbro, one of the giants in the industry will care for its newest acquisition as much as we have over the past 25 years.


Tell us what you think in the comments below.



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