EXCLUSIVE: ‘Kim Possible’ Live-Action Film Story Details and Character Breakdowns


So what’s the sitch? Only the newest details for the Disney Channel Original Movie starring your favorite high school student by day, international crimefighter by night, Kim Possible.

It was announced earlier this year that a live-action adaptation would be made of the Disney Channel animated series “Kim Possible” that focused on the exploits of teenager Kim Possible whose extracurriculars included cheerleading and saving the world. Assisted by the eager but clumsy Ron Stoppable and Team Possible’s “guy in the chair” 10-year-old prodigy Wade, the group of heroes took on crime, supervillains, and the ever-present dangers of adolescence.

In a THS exclusive, we’ve discovered that the film is slated to film in Vancouver and intends to film in mid-May/early June through mid-late July. The film will focus on Kim and Ron dealing with their first day of high school and the return of their nemeses, evil genius Dr. Drakken and his superpowered sidekick Shego.

The following character breakdowns reveal that the new film will be staying pretty faithful to the cartoon’s characterizations but will be introducing at least one new character to the ‘Possible’ mythos:

KIM POSSIBLE: 14-17. Martial arts expertise with a real knack for saving the world, has defeated an impressive number of super-villains in her time but is still totally relatable.  With her loyal, nerdy sidekick Ron by her side, Kim now faces her first day of high school. When they meet another freshman Artemis, having a worse time than them, Kim takes pity on her and gives her a Kim Possible makeover. However, when Artemis soon eclipses her mentor, Kim has a crisis of confidence. Kim’s  arch-enemies DRAKKEN and SHEGO, decide to take advantage of this vulnerability and kidnap the now-popular Artemis. Kim, with the help of Ron, has to overcome her insecurities and go save her friend. LEAD

RON STOPPABLE: 13-17. Kim’s best friend and loyal sidekick. Definitely not the brains of the operation, Ron is a klutz who is constantly putting his foot in it but he’s Kim’s biggest fan and always roots her on. When Kim is at her lowest point, Ron reminds her of her many strengths and how much she means to so many people. LEAD

ARTEMIS: 13-16. A young, unprepossessing looking freshman girl with a dejected air.  She’s completely beat down by her first day of high school until she meets her idol, Kim Possible. Thrilled when she becomes friends with Kim and Ron, Artemis starts imitating Kim in speech, dress, mannerisms, and even shows off her own formidable martial arts skills. SUPPORTING LEAD

WADE: 10. Kim and Ron’s brilliant associate, Wade just recently graduated from college in 8 months.  A tech genius, he monitors their exploits and informs them when Dr. Drakken escapes from prison while they were off on another mission.  SUPPORTING LEAD

DR. DRAKKEN: 40s. An evil genius with a maniacal laugh, Drakken wants revenge against his young nemesis Kim Possible who put him behind bars. When his sarcastic sidekick Shego breaks him out of prison, he starts masterminding a diabolical plot to take down Kim once and for all. SUPPORTING LEAD; COMEDY CHOPS REQUIRED

SHEGO: 20s. Female, Drakken’s sassy, sarcastic sidekick, and might be the brains behind the operation and possesses plasma force super-powers.  Kim’s old nemesis as well, she’s been beaten by Kim in the past and can’t wait to get another shot at the young superhero.  SUPPORTING LEAD; DANCE/FIGHT BACKGROUND A PLUS

The breakdowns make it clear that this is not a sequel since the original cartoon series finale ended with Kim & Ron graduating from high school. However, it’s also not a straight reboot with a reset timeline since it’s stated that Kim has a history with Dr. Drakken & Shego.

Noticeably missing from the character breakdowns are any mention of some of the show’s other established characters like Kim’s family of super-geniuses or Ron’s pet mole rat Rufus who usually proved himself as a useful member of Team Possible.

The script for this live-action movie will be penned by the original show’s creators Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley and will be joined by writer/producer Josh Cagan. McCorkle and Schooley will also serve as executive producers alongside Zanne Devine. Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky are also signed on as co-directors and co-producers.

Sixteen-year old Sadie Stanley will star as Kim Possible and eighteen-year-old Sean Giambrone will play Ron Stoppable and the film will debut sometime in 2019.




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