[SPOILERS] Zoe Saldana Talks About Gamora’s Fate In “Avengers: Infinity War”



Avengers: Infinity War left many fans shocked and confused since by the end of the film super-villian Thanos attains all six of the Infinity Stones, and their accompanying omnipotent powers, and his goal of wiping out half of the universe’s population with a literal snap of his fingers becomes a reality. Many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes disintegrate into dust, with less than half of the team left to do the avenging that will no doubt happen in the yet-to-be-titled Avengers 4.

However, the most arguably shocking death happens in the middle of the film, when Thanos sacrifices the life of his adopted daughter Gamora in order to attain the Soul Stone. Zoe Saldana has played Gamora since 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy which saw the Daughter of Thanos turning against her genocidal father in order to become a cosmic hero who starts to learn an appreciation for vintage Earth music thanks to her quasi-boyfriend Peter Quill.

When asked by the Los Angeles Times how Saldana learned of Gamora’s death she admitted her character’s fate was not kept from her but it was no less jarring to learn.

I learned very early on. The producers called me and they told me. And of course there’s a shock to your system. I’m so grateful, this run has been amazing, but you’re so not even ready for that. But then once some of the things were discussed, I understood that it just makes sense. In order for you to understand the degree of evil that lies within the core of Thanos, you have to circle in on his own children. So I completely understood. I loved being a part of this unforgettable journey.

When Saldana was later asked if fans could somehow expect to see Gamora in Avengers 4 when it hits theaters in 2019, her reply was, “I don’t know. [Laughs] For the sake of the devoted fans out there — we don’t want to rob them of an amazing experience. It’s all for them that we do what we do and we also protect what we do.”

Avengers 4 will definitely be reversing some of those Infinity War deaths since there are future solo films already slated for production. However, a resurrection for Saldana’s Gamora is not a guarantee. There are other Guardians who can carry on in her stead in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, including her cybernetic sister Nebula. One also has to consider that her death was not part of what the Internet has dubbed ‘The Snappening’ and is therefore not ripe for a simple reversal thanks to the Time Stone.

Yet, the combined powers of the Infinity Stones (and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s tenuous relationship with permanent death) cannot be taken for granted which means while there is no certain future for Gamora, there still remains a tiny, tiny sliver of hope.

Avengers: Infinity War is playing now in theaters. Quinton Spain Jersey

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