REVIEW: Action Comics Special #1 Isn’t That Special


What am I talking about this time: ACTION COMICS SPECIAL #1

Written by: Mark Russell, Max Landis, Dan Jurgens

Art by: Francis Manapul, Will Conrad, Jill Thompson

Cover by: Will Conrad

Overall Review: 3 out of 5 car slams

Is it worth $4.99? Eh, you’re not missing much here. No set up to bigger stories, just three one offs that are fairly decent. Maybe wait for the Free Comic Book day sale or a markdown to pick it up and save you a buck or two.


Spoiler Free Review:

Did you love Action Comics #1000?! Wasn’t it amazing?! Wish you could read a few of the stories that didn’t make the cut? Well, now you can! Here’s three mildly enjoyable stories. By no means are these stories bad… they are adequate Superman stories. But that’s it. Great art, though.


Spoilery Review:

“The Last Will and Testament of Lex Luthor” A new/old Lex shows up and causes some damage. You find out it’s future lex come back to kill superman in a pretty lame scheme that present day Lex is unaware of. He fails and blows himself up in front of Superman allowing lots of reflection about Lex.

“Suprema est Lex” In this oddly timey piece, Clark Kent gives a roast of Lex and the Justice League at a correspondents diner. While the roast isn’t as scathing or as funny as Michelle Wolf’s real life speech, it’s amusing if not out of character. This is one of those times, like Batman singing, that you almost want this story to be out of continuity to protect your vision of a character, but when something works you forgive and allow it into your personal cannon. And that’s what happens here with Clark’s speech. However, there is a section where they show Lex littering after eating a moon-pie and getting taunted at a urinal that just seem way out of character for one of the greatest villains of all time, and that’s what dragged the story down for me.

“Driver’s Seat” is a sweet story about Lois losing her favorite old car and Superman giving a guy with a jetpack a second chance. It’s an past holiday Christmas story so it has an beautiful ending with Superman flying away with Lois… but it’s weirdly unearned. Max Landis who is Homerun or Miss in my book writes this story. Public opinion aside, I think he’s a great idea man who either knocks it out of the park or strikes out swinging… either way he always comes to the table with something new and I appreciate and applauded that. But this is the first time he’s done something that’s felt like a grounder to third. Sure, he got on base, but he played this one safe. Leonard Fournette Womens Jersey

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