AVENGERS INFINITY WAR: Why Did Heimdall Choose The Hulk Over Thor?


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**warning: this article contains spoilers for Avengers Age of Ultron, Avengers Infinity War and Thor Ragnarok**


As promised,  Avengers Infinity War starts directly from the post credits scene of Thor Ragnarok where Thor and Loki are confronted by the threatening sight of Thanos’ ship. The opening of the third (but really fourth) group outing skips much of the lead up to the carnage of the remaining Asgardians, and instead wastes no time in exhibiting just how powerful our villain of the film is. He exhibits incredible brute strength, and maliciousness as he pummels The Hulk to near death, and crushes Loki’s neck in front of his brother. Thanos is of course after the space stone which is located in the tesseract that Loki swiped in Thor Ragnarok. Just one of a few character missteps that lead to a death or cataclysmic event.

A surprising, but not so surprising death was that of Heimdall, played by Idris Elba who has played the character since 2011’s Thor. As Thanos does that thing that villains do where they monologue instead of just killing the main character, Heimdall takes the opportunity to call upon his powers and send The Hulk back to Earth through the Bifrost. However spectacular this film may be, there are also some questions that have left audiences scratching their heads. Like why didn’t Dr. Strange cut off Thanos’ arm or head during the battle on Titan? Especially when we saw this very thing happen to one of the Black Order members in an earlier battle scene. But the main question here is why did Heimdall choose to send The Hulk back to Earth rather than his best friend (?…could be one sided) and leader, Thor? There are a couple of theories.

Many people on the interwebs are speculating that the other Avengers may be more receptive to Bruce Banner, because of reasons? For one thing Bruce has been gone for two years after ditching the rest of his team at the end Image result for the hulkof Avengers Age of Ultron, and although it appears that Thor has been gone from Earth just as long, there stands no reason to think that one would be taken more seriously than the other. Another theory that has been thrown out there is that Heimdall was saving Bruce Banner’s life as it looked like Thor was going to lose the fight. Again, I just don’t see this as a good reason either. Thor is just as strong, if not stronger than The Hulk, and is a god! He would stand a better chance at defeating Thanos than this MCU depowered Hulk would.

My belief is that since Heimdall can see through time and space, almost giving him some sort of clairvoyant ability, that it stands to reason that he can see that the Guardians are on their way, and will eventually rescue Thor, who can survive in space. He may have also seen that Thor would need to go forge a new weapon to defeat Thanos. A feat that turns out no one, but a god could have done, when Thor has to hold open the solar forge.

As with the powers and tech of many characters, we’re not quite sure how Thor’s immortality works, and is fitted to whatever plot device it needs to fit into. So do you agree with my theory or do you have one of your own? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out the rest of our website for more Infinity War coverage.

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