Avengers: Infinity War and Legion Crossing Beyond the Astral Plane


The BiFröst Bridge Between Legion and the MCU

With the Disney-Fox merger still looming for approval, much can only be theorized  about how the existing franchises under Fox will be inserted into the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it still may be over a year until the FTC will make its decision, this doesn’t mean Marvel can’t subtly plot the points for fans to connect.



In Chapter 10 of Legion (Ep. 202), Lenny and Oliver sing and dance while they invade Division 3, turning several of agents turn into ash.

With last week’s premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, the visuals were quite familiar. In one of the most heart-wrenching scenes, it was the snap of Thanos’ fingers as more than half of Avengers turned into dust.



In the following episode of Legion, Lenny is restless being stuck in the astral plane with Farouk. She tries to kill herself in multiple ways to get David and Farouk’s attention. One of her methods is shooting herself with a revolver. Instead of a bullet and blood exiting her head, bubbles are in its place.

Again, bubbles were a prevalent device in A:IW, as soon as Thanos acquired the Reality stone. More specifically, they appeared in two scenes where Gamora would’ve died, but instead Thanos made Star Lord’s gun shoot bubbles and Gamora’s attempted suicide with a knife, respectively. Unfortunately, she doesn’t turn into bubbles when sacrificed for the Soul stone.

I don’t necessarily think this is a deliberate way of Marvel telling us things are definitely going to cross. I do think it’s a way to reward fans who can pick up the subtle hints as a way of saying these characters do exist in the larger universe – even if the rights are currently owned by separate studios.

If all these devices were intentional to cross platforms, kudos to whomever is making these decisions. What’s up with these Pawnee residents shooting bubbles anyway?


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