Ranger Slayer is here! Go GO Power Rangers #9 Review


Just when you think Boom Studios could not do any better, they hit another one out of the park! Go Go Power Rangers #9 came out today and we finally get a glimpse into who the Ranger Slayer is. First off what is Go Go Power Rangers you ask well it is a Power Ranger comic that dives more into the personal lives of the Power Rangers. One interesting thing is that these stories take place before Tommy The Green Ranger is even introduced.

Boom Studios’ Go Go Power Rangers deals with the personal lives of the original five Power Rangers

In the last issue we got a glimpse of a mysterious ranger.

In this issue number 9 we jump right into action with Bulk and some friends running from Drakkon’s army, when out of nowhere a archer stops them in their tracks.

We also get to find out some interesting things about our Power Rangers.Kimberly is about to deal with her parents getting a divorce and Jason receives some troubling news about his father. This comic really wants us to connect with our heroes on a more personal level. Go Go Power Rangers is giving us deep and exciting new stories and challenges for our favorite heroes in spandex to face.

One of my favorite parts is watching Billy come up with a plan to connect with his Triceratops zord on a more personal level as to strengthen the bond between them. The best part about this issue is that we finally find out who the Ranger Slayer is and what her purpose is for being in this dimension. It happens to be Kimberly from Lord Drakkon‘s world and she is on a mission to find Lord Drakkon but just cant seem to narrow down her search.

The Ranger Slayer didn’t come empty handed either she brought some heavy guns with her.

All in all this comic is amazing! Be sure to pick it up in your local comic book store because it is definitely going to be sold out!

If you want to learn more and see a full review on this issue check out this video…





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