Japan Crate Partners with Funimation to Give You a Taste of Your Favorite “My Hero Academia” Quirk


Today Japan Crate and anime distributor, Funimation announce an exciting partnership to bring together the leading Japanese culture subscription box and the award-winning series “My Hero Academia.” This June, Japan Crate subscribers and anime fans will be presented with super hero inspired Japanese snacks and sweets to enjoy while watching the students of U.A. High School develop their quirks during Season 3 of “My Hero Academia”.

The My Hero Academia premium crate brings “My Hero Academia” x Japan Crate subscribers exclusive “My Hero Academia” artwork, illustrated booklet and a limited edition collectible pin featuring a hero from the franchise. Each treat inside the crate empowers users to feel as if they are acquiring a hero’s quirk.

“We’re excited to partner with Funimation and immerse our community into the world of one of the hottest anime” said Anthony Sconzo, VP of Marketing and Co-Founder of Japan Crate. “Funimation is providing SimulDubs and we’re providing the snacks this season, it’s a perfect fit. A lot of our subscribers love ‘My Hero Academia’ and we’re elated about enhancing their experience by providing show-catered snacks and sweets.”

The limited edition pin will come alongside delicious Japanese candies and snacks in June’s Premium Japan Crate. Crates are available while supplies last at japancrate.com/mha through May 31st, 2018Japan Crate follows a subscription model with Premium crates priced at $30 per month.

“My Hero Academia” was the most awarded anime series of 2017. Major accolades included IGN’s “Best of 2017 – Anime of the Year” and “2017 People’s Choice – Anime of the Year,” Anime News Network’s “Best of 2017 Mega Poll,” Gamespot’s “Top Ten Anime of 2017,” ComicBook.com’s “2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Shonen Series” and “Best Action” at the 2017 Crunchyroll Anime Awards. English SimulDub™ episodes of “My Hero Academia” Season 3, which premiered earlier this month, stream in ad-free HD on FunimationNow via computer, tablet, mobile device and gaming console.

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