EXCLUSIVE: Details on Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ Reboot


In 1997, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn came to the big screen, delivering a very different comic book super hero than fans of the modern films have known. For the last 5 years, McFarlane has hoped to reboot the project, promising a gritty, R-rated film that he has described as more of a “horror movie and a thriller movie” than a superhero movie. Of course when you’re dealing with a demon-esque anit-hero who has sold his soul to a devil-like Hell lord, that’s to be expected. The project has had many stops and starts, dating all the way back to 2013 when actor Jamie Foxx was pushing hard for the role, but McFarlane never gave up on it and now, under Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, it looks like the project is preparing to get off the ground and we’ve got some details to share!

The project has picked up steam over the past year and McFarlane has been hopeful to have the film ready for a 2019 release. It looks like he’s still holding himself to that time line as he and casting director Terri Taylor (Get Out) have begun assembling a cast ahead of an early August start. The first offer has gone out and while some fans might think this is a flashback to 2013, we can assure you it is not: Jamie Foxx has been offered the role of Spawn/Al Simmons.

Foxx has yet to sign on for the role and his decision may ultimately be a major factor in how fast this project gets off the ground. Should he, or another actor quickly take on the role, however, they’ll be sharing the spotlight with another lead. Whereas the 1997 film put the focus on Al Wilson’s family and his origins as Spawn, this film will have a different family at its epicenter. Fans of the comics will recognize the name Twitch Williams as one of the duo of NYPD homicide detectives, Sam and Twitch, who worked sometimes worked alongside Spawn. Without giving anything away, we can expect Twitch and Spawn to be working together to track down some baddies and dish out a special kind of vengeance.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Spawn back in action? With the Spike Lee Nightwatch production gathering momentum, are two similar looking heroes too many? Let us know in the comments and stay with us here at That Hashtag Show as we continue giving you news you aren’t getting anywhere else. Leonard Floyd Jersey

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