Death Or Glory #1 Is A Start To A Good New Crime Series


Sometimes the line between right and wrong gets a little blurred.  A good person can do a bad thing like in Death or Glory #1.

The issue opens with two young adults in the Burger Boss restaurant.  It is almost closing time and Curtis wants to leave early, but his superior, Ken, won’t let him.  Curtis has a hot date with his new girl, Susie.

A man walks in and orders 123 cheeseburgers.  However, they refuse to make that many so close to closing time.  This mysterious man whips out a liquid nitrogen hose and strays them down.  Everyone starts to freeze and body parts start falling off. It is straight up a Mr. Freeze type of scene.

Glory Owen is working on her car and appears to be a gearhead.   She is recording her words incase she doesn’t come back from something dangerous.  Owen is going to do something for her adopted dad. Her dad, Red, is very sick and his liver is failing.  If she is not able to get the money Red needs for a new liver he will die.

Owen tells her friend Winston how to take care of Red if she doesn’t come back.  She also gives her recorded confession to someone if things go wrong. The only thing left is to do the darn thing.

I love crime stories and this is off to a good start.  The stakes are already high and I already am rooting for Owen.  It wasted no time setting up the good guy and bad guy. However, we know nothing about this “Mr. Freeze” type of guy.  He looks and carries himself pretty badass. I can’t wait to learn more about him.

It was really cool to have this dangerous mission happen in the first issue.  Most comics would have a big lead up to the mission. It would have issues and issues on just the plan.  However, this issue just throws the reader right in and I love that.

This issue is a bit fast paced and I hope the whole series is like that.  Most crime stories are very slow which is fine, but it is a nice change to have the pace sped way up.  It gets right into the action and now we live in the repercussions part of the story. I always think the repercussions is the best part.

The story is pretty simple and not a lot has been explained, but it did share just enough to get me hooked.  It didn’t over complicate things and add a bunch extra stuff it didn’t need.

A great start to a new series and I look forward to how everything progresses.






Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Bengal

Cover by: Bengal, Duncan Fegredo and James Harren

Release: 5/2/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics

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