Avengers: Infinity War Storyline Was Taken From 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie


(MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War)

A major threat to the galaxy is bringing death to countless planets.  A ragtag team of heroes cross multiple planets to find a crystal to save everyone, and beloved characters pass away.  This is Avengers: Infinity War, but it’s also The Transformers: The Movie.

What They Took

In 1986, The Transformers: The Movie was the big screen debut of the popular toy franchise.  In 1991, Marvel comics released the classic story that would become the foundation for Avengers: Infinity War, The Infinity Gauntlet.

The Transformers: The Movie began with the death of millions on an alien planet.  We are introduced to Unicron, a planet sized robotic being that harvests other planets and their lifeforms to continue its eternal existence.  In Avengers: Infinity War we meet Thanos, the Mad Titan, who murders half the population of an entire planet. His rationale, the universe has a finite amount of resources and too many people who need them.  Thanos is saving countless civilizations by causing the death of half the universe’s inhabitants.

A small band of heroic Autobots are informed of the threat and journey into space to defeat it.  Likewise, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange journey into space to fight Thanos on his own turf.  When the Transformers team makes their way to defeat the planet-eater Unicron, they encounter new zany characters and comrades, like Wheelie and the Junkions.  Just like when the Marvel heroes team makes their way to defeat the mass-killer Thanos, where they meet new zany friends and comrades, like Star-Lord and the other Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Transformers: The Movie.  The death of Optimus Prime is an event that an entire generation remembers. Avengers: Infinity War had many heroes we thought untouchable, like the Black Panther and Spider-man, die.  Also, when Optimus Prime and the Vision died they each left behind dead grey husks, that may one day be revived.

There are many similarities between these epic films.  But there are also key differences.

What They Gave Us

Unicron is a force of nature, but also a single note villain with no development.  Thanos isn’t a typical villain that killed and conquered just because he could.  He enjoyed destruction but did it for a greater purpose. A great villain always knows he is really the hero.  Thanos showed love for a daughter that no longer loved him back.  When he sacrificed Gamora to complete his plan, there was actual sadness.  And when he fulfilled his goal of saving the universe, he walked away from it all like he said he would.

The Transformers: The Movie killed many of our robotic heroes, but it also gave us new ones to cheer on.  The good guys overcame the odds and triumphed over evil.  Avengers: Infinity War will be remembered for the complete failure of our heroes.  There wasn’t the sure feeling that the good guys would win in the end.  It wasn’t the loss of a single battle, or the death of a lone hero.  But the villain absolutely won and the heroes couldn’t stop the death of people we have grown to love.  Avengers: Infinity War leaves the audience with a deep sense of defeat.  We know that the good guys will turn it around in the next movie, but that doesn’t help the emotions we feel now.

The Wrap Up

Avengers: Infinity War is not original.  It took from popular films of the past and the long history of Marvel comics.  But Avengers: Infinity War is still a good film, maybe even a great one.  A huge team of people, led by the Russo brothers, successfully took on a gargantuan task.  Bringing the many flavors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together and telling a story that would provoke its audience.  Avengers: Infinity War is film that raises the expectations of its viewers for the movies to come.  Like a good classic should. Joe Schobert Womens Jersey

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