EXCLUSIVE: Plot Details And Character Breakdowns For Sony’s BLOODSHOT

Filming is set to begin in July on Valiant Entertainment and Sony Pictures Bloodshot. Writer Eric Heisserer had previously stated that the film will be a homage to classic 80’s action films like Total Recall and Robocop, Well thanks to some new plot details which you can read below we can confirm Heisserer’s statement.

“A bullet through his wife’s head is the last thing Ray Garrison sees before he dies. When he wakes up, it’s the only thing that flashes through his head. Ray Garrison is not dead, but isn’t quite alive at least not in the traditional sense anymore. After DR. Emil Harting replaces his blood with self-repairing nanites that give him the ability to regenerate after injury and push is body beyond normal human limits, Ray Garrison has become Bloodshot a killing machine who doesn’t quite remember the life he lived before. Seeking revenge on the man that killed his wife, Bloodshot slowly begins to realize that his sense of reality has been altered just as much as his body.”

Vin Diesel is attached to star as the title character, with David Wilson directing. According to Deadline the studio was in talks with Jared Leto for the villain role, however this was over a year ago and prior to Diesel coming on board, so it is not clear if Leto is still in Sony’s sights. However we have learned some new information regarding the major characters set to appear, which you can take a look at down below.

[Ray Garrison/Bloodshot] Vin Diesel attachedA member of the Navy Seals hostage rescue team who is captured and supposedly killed his wife. He is resurrected as Bloodshot thanks to experimental technology using nanites that can regenerate cell tissue. With Bloodshot becomes an unstoppable killing machine capable of healing himself from any injury. He is tricked into believing that his wife was murdered and sets out to avenge her death. reality, he is killing targets specified by the corrupt organization Spirit Technologies. He is driven by his love for his wife and a sense of justice.

[Dr. Emil Harting] Male, 30’s, Antagonist Hyper intelligent, cunning and manipulative Doctor Emil Harting is the genius responsible for a breakthrough nanite technology that exists inside the body to not only repair it, but push it further than normal human limitations. Harting has ulterior motives he’s hellbent on eliminating all competition so that his and only his technology will change the world. Open to all ethnicities, lead

[Kareena “KP” Pillai] Female, early 30’s, Striking and clever, observant, a woman who s a moral code unlike some of her egotistical colleagues, Over time, KP and Bloodshot become love interests. Open to all ethnicities, lead

[Coporal Harlan “So Long” Shifflet] Male, 30’s,  A large physical specimen of pure male ego, Corporal Harlan “So Long” Shifflet got his nickname from the phrase he often mutters after defeating his opponents whether it be a race or physical combat. Open to all ethnicities, lead

[L.T. Marcus Tibbs]  Male, 30’s, likes to get the job done, but hates talking about it. Lt. Tibbs was left without vision after a war injury, but was given enhanced sight thanks to Harting’s tech. As a member of Harting’s team. Open to all ethnicities, supporting

[Gina Garrison] Female, 20 to mid 30’s, Full of passion, energy and beauty, Gina Garrison is Rays wife, she loves everything about him and can’t keep her hands off him when he returns from a mission overseas. At least that’s how Ray remembers it. In reality Gina is a mother of one who was betrayed years ago, but Ray can only remember that perfect vision of her in his head. Open to all ethnicities, lead

[Joseph Krieger] Male, mid 30’s to 50.  Quirky, enigmatic, unintentionally humorous hiding his brilliant mind, Krieger is a young scientist on the verge of developing a nanite technology like Harting. He knows that anyone comes close to the tech will get eliminated,  He becomes Bloodshot’s unlikely ally. Open to all ethnicites, supporting

[Junior Bandile/Max Schenkel] Male, 40’s,  An expert in disguise and former member of an East German STASI death squad. Now Max begins to market himself as a hitman for hire without allegiance, or political ideology. Must speak German, major character 

[Marcus Bishop] Male, mid 20’s, African-American, strong-willed, quietly much smarter than people think, and has issues with authority, Marcus is a former special crewman in the Navy. Despite his skills, he never made it to Navy Seals.  Requires physical athleticism, regular

[Mike November] Male, 40’s, Street smart a no nonsense career field op who now works as Chief of Station in South America. Mike can speak street-inflected Spanish as well as any cartel member and likes to work the system in order to get his people the resources they need for their job.  Must speak be able to speak Spanish, regular 

These breakdowns Seem to show us that Sony Pictures is changing things up from the comics but staying true to its title character. It should also be noted that code names are a common practice so the character names can change at any stage of the production process. So check back with us for all updates on the film as we get them.


In addition to their Valiant titles, Sony also plans a slate of Spider-Man universe films. First up is Venom, starring Tom Hardy as the human who ends up as host to the alien symbiote. The team-up film Silver & Black should come after that, though the film just recently became indefinitely delayed just a couple months ago, and Morbius The Living Vampire.

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