Who’s the Biggest Star Wars Fanatic of All Time?

Star Wars car in Carrboro

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Everyone loves Star Wars. How couldn’t they? Saying you don’t would be like saying you don’t like relaxing on a beautiful summer’s day or eating delicious food. But have you ever wondered who loves the epic space adventure created by George Lucas the most? There are some people who go above and beyond your everyday Star Wars lover when it comes to appreciating the series of eight films and counting. In fact, super fans have been around since A New Hope was released all those years ago in 1977. Here we take a look at the biggest Star Wars aficionados of all.

The World’s Most Prolific Star Wars Collector

Over the decades, memorabilia from the Star Wars franchise has amassed exponentially. And although there’s a lot of tat out there, there are some things that are worth an absolute fortune. According to Lottoland, Luke Skywalker’s lightsabre from the original film fetched $240,000 at auction, while Han Solo’s blaster from the same movie was sold for a cool $200,000. Because the merchandise can sell for so much, one keen collector decided to open his own shop to sell items from his record-breaking collection. Steve Sansweet opened Rancho Obi-Wan, which features the largest assortment of Star Wars merchandise on the planet.

Seduced by the Dark Side

Sansweet may have the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia on Earth, but another super fan has chosen to focus his collection on a particular legendary character. Bill McBride, who was six years old when he first saw A New Hope, is the largest collector of Darth Vader and Sith-related merchandise and artwork in the world. Now 44 years old, the American Death Star lover has been collecting for 25 years. He has items ranging from Campbell’s soup cans with pictures of the notorious antagonist on, to original storyboards that were used in the initial trilogy. Why doesn’t McBride go for Jedi items? Probably because some people are just more prone to the dark side.

Creating Your Own Star Wars Film

Collecting memorabilia can be a great way to keep engaging with a franchise series you love, but creating your own movie to pay homage to it is taking it to the next level. In 2010, Star Wars buff Casey Pugh won an Emmy for Star Wars Uncut, his very own take on the cult franchise. At 31 years old, the entrepreneur’s idea was to split the 1977 original into 15-second sections and invite fans to recreate the scenes how they saw fit. Thousands of people got involved using animation and homemade costumes, to create an epic tribute to what many fans believe to be the best offering in the series.

These three Star Wars fans aren’t the only ones going the extra mile to cherish the massively popular series. There are other hoarders such as Omar Al-Bahiti who has the largest collection outside of the US and Europe, and people like Ian Martin who builds his own intricate Star Wars replicas. If you want to join this elite group of super fans, you now have an idea about what it takes.

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